LED Floodlights, Spotlights and Searchlights

Treble Light

Treble Light offer specialist lighting solutions for applications in military operations, as well as in research, broadcasting and flood rescue. High intensity hand lights are available for wide-area illumination of operational environments. Other applications include searchlights for sea-based rescues, and emergency lighting in responding to accidents and fires.

In addition to their complete range of standard lighting solutions, Treble light can build customised lighting solutions to meet a client's indicidual needs and specifications. The company also supply complete TK 1 rescue boats from their sister company, Flood Rescue Boats.more

The full product range available from Treble-Light includes:

  • LED Floodlights and Spotlights
  • LED Working Lamps
  • Searchlights and Rescue Lighting
  • Vehicle Mounted Lamps
  • Emergency Light Case Kit
  • Xenon Work Lights
  • Underwater Lights
  • Military Hand Lamps
  • Boat Searchlights
  • Flood Rescue Boats
  • Material Testing Lamps

LED Floodlights and Spotlights

Treble light are a leading supplier and manufacturer of LED floodlights and spotlights. The STL flood LED is a powerful 4,500 lumen working lamp for wide area illumination. It features a revolving tripod connector so it can be fitted to all standard tripod designs (and to German fire brigade equipment), and angled as required. The 4,500 lumen searchlight STL Spot LED is a powerful spotlight for focused illumination of objects over a large distance. Both systems operate on a 12V or 24V power supply, and can be used on boats and other vehicles.

Where higher levels of illumination are required, the power LED 9000 offers 9000 lumen of illumination from a 12V or 24V power supply, whilst the POWER LED 18000 requires 24V, but can deliver 18000 lumen of illumination for large scale emergencies and working environments.

Searchlights and Rescue Lighting

Treble Light's portfolio of work and rescue lighting includes searchlights and hand lamps for emergency, civilian and military applications. The product range encompasses LEDs, halogen lamps and high intensity discharge lamps.

Xenon-powered HID search lights are particularly suited to search and rescue applications. For example, the Searchlight GWA ak D1 HID hand light has a robust, vibration-resistant design for use outdoors in emergency applications. It features a rechargeable battery with a burntime of 130 minutes and a light capacity of 5000 lumen. It can be fitted with either a flood light reflector for an 800 meter beam or a wide angle reflector for lighting an area of 70 degrees.

STL flood lights and spot lights are available, which can be supplied with brackets for mounting to vehicles and roof racks. Specialist boat searchlights offer a long range beam, and can be adjusted over a radius of 340 degrees with a joystick and motor unit.

The filament-less lamp has is extremely robust and long-lived. Also, the spotlight head can be replaced by a floodlight to illuminate work areas and recovery operations.

Flood Rescue Boats

The TK1 flood rescue boat is effective for rescue operations in lakes and flooded areas. The boat has a high level of buoyancy compared with alternative rescue craft. The craft has a large capacity with an interior of 0.9 meters in width and 2.37 meters in length, allowing it to accommodate 10 passengers and a broad collection of equipment including stretchers, fire pumps and Euro pallets, with a payload as high as 1000kg.

The boat is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE), which has a high strength to weight ratio making it resistant to damage. It has a low centre of gravity making it unlikely to overturn in rescue scenarios, along with a rigid steel frame and wheels, allowing it to be moved easily from land to water in areas of flooding. It also features a mountable divers ladder and removable hand rails.less


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