Transpo Color-Safe Airfield Marking

Transpo Industries, Inc.

T-28 Color-Safe™ System Airfield Marking

Transpo Industries Color-SafeDurable Airfield Markings, a methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin system used to produce the most durable, cost effective, high definition color airfield markings on the market today.

T-28 Color-SafeSystem Airfield Marking

Color-Safe is Very Affordable

  • material costs per sq.ft. are substantially lower than preformed thermoplastic markings
  • competitive life-cycle performance and savings

Color-Safe is Incredibly Durable

  • average life-cycle of 5 years with little or no maintenance required
  • solidly adheres to concrete and asphalt surfaces

Color-Safe has Excellent Color Retention

  • methyl methacrylate resin holds the surface color for the life of the product
  • a variety of FAA compliant colors are available including white, red, yellow, black and pink

Color-Safe is User-Friendly

  • easy to apply / no special equipment or heat is required for installation
  • can be applied in temps from 40 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit*
  • cures fast / ready for aircraft and vehicle traffic in 30 to 60 minutes

Color-Safe is Easily Modified

  • add hi-index airport glass beads to increase retro-reflectivity and maximize pilot visibility**
  • add an aggregate for a more skid-resistant surface
  • apply new colors over existing markings when needed

* contact a Transpo representative for conditions outside these temps⨠                                                                                          ** airport glass beads form a better, stronger bond with MMA than preformed thermoplastic

Color-Safe™ Durable Airfield Markings are included in AC150/5370-10f Item p-620

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