Finding the Way in Hot Lanta

Transpo Industries, Inc.

The "user friendly" project will help Georgia visitors find area attractions, parks, historic sites and venues. Transpo's Pole-Safe® was the support system of choice for this three million dollar project. Pole-Safe's unique symmetrical coupling design allows the system to breakaway with consistent behavior, regardless of a vehicle's
angle of impact. This means the sign can be reused, once broken couplings are replaced.

Atlanta's proposed signs create a "seamless system" with enhanced vehicular and pedestrian signage to and from transit stations, museums, hospitals and colleges. The project benefits not just tourism, but also local residents, workers and students.

Down Town SignThe area borders Brookwood Station on the north to Turner Filed on the south and from Boulevard on the east to Northside Drive on the west. This project was sold through Transpo distributor Jim Chandler & Associates to the Pattison Sign Group.

It was supported by State bond funding coordinated with the Georgia DOT and the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority, with local matches by the Downtown Atlanta Community Improvement District and the Midtown Improvement District.

Bridge Rehab Project in Chattanooga

The Market Street Bridge is a well known landmark in downtown Chattanooga Tennessee. Because this bascule-type drawbridge was constructed between 1914 and 1917, renovations must be carried out according to historic standards. This $13 million rehabilitation began in the fall of 2005. A major portion of the project involved the removal and placement of beams and other supporting structures.

Repairs need to be made to the structural steel portion of the drawbridge, as well as the crossing surface. Other improvements include widening pedestrian sidewalks and increasing the number of lights. This project requires a total closure of the bridge for an estimated two years. Transpo's T-70 Sealate® was chosen by Mountain States Contactors of Durham, NC as the material for sealing cracks in the deteriorating surface.

Sealate is a specially formulated high molecular weight methacrylate resin system that is highly effective for sealing and filling cracks in older structures. It bonds well to inner walls of cracks, restoring some of the original strength and preventing crack propagation.

Sealate is easy to handle in all working conditions, requires no special equipment, and the rapid cure time assures a quick return to service. "We will do everything in our power to keep this project on schedule," said Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) Director Bob Brown.

"Although this will be an inconvenience to those who normally use the bridge, the city of Chattanooga will have a totally refurbished bridge that will be a great source of pride when the project if complete."

Chattanooga's Mayor Ron Littlefield added: "Though the temporary closure of the Market Street Bridge will be painful, the renovation project is absolutely necessary to maintain this important and historic throughfare for generations to come. We are working closely with north shore merchants, reidents and TDOT to ensure that the closure creates the least amount of inconvenience possible to our citizens."

Market Street Bridge Rehab

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