Achieve Zero Fatalities with €œBreakaway Roadside Sign Posts & Light Poles

Transpo Industries, Inc.

Break-Safe® Roadside Sign
Photo by Tracey Deer of the Connecticut Post

According to Arthur Dinitz, CEO of Transpo Industries, Inc: "In nearly twenty years there have been tens of thousands of Break-Safe® and Pole-Safe® breakaway systems installed without incident."

Recently, a patrol officer's cruiser, responding at high speed to an emergency medical call, was struck by another vehicle on North Benson Road in Fairfield, Connecticut, USA. The cruiser was forced off the road into an Interstate 95 two-post sign, supported by Transpo's Break-Safe® system. The breakaway sign was knocked flat to the ground in the accident. Although the patrol car was totaled, the officer and the other driver suffered only minor injuries.

Accident research and field experience have demonstrated that vehicles often leave the roadway and impact structures at high angles of incident. The Break-Safe® symmetrical coupling design allows the system to breakaway with consistent, predictable behavior, regardless of the vehicle's angle of impact. This unique omni-directional capability exceeds FHWA and AASHTO requirements for impact performance. All Break-Safe® models are FHWA-approved for use on the United States National Highway System.

Break-Safe® Roadside Traffic Sign
BREAK-SAFE® & POLE-SAFE® omni-directional breakaway support systems for highway signs and light poles, for post shapes and sizes (up to 18" W beams and poles up to 55' high/1000 lbs).

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