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Nature – as wild and untamed as it is – frankly doesn’t give a damn about your equipment, no matter how tough it is. Scorching heat, strong winds, and drenching rain will assail it from the outside. And moisture, mold, and slow-burning rust will eat away from the inside. All the while your products have to be stored, and transported, all over the globe across different environments and still maintain their physical integrity. Without protection, the risk of damage, lost resources, and a reduced bottom-line is always present.more

But keeping nature’s forces at bay isn’t as simple as wrapping plastic around your equipment. Using a barrier that’s waterproof will keep out the rain, but might trap moisture inside. A cover might resist moisture, but allow UV rays to penetrate, causing sun damage. What’s more, even the cover itself may do damage if it’s abrasive or loose fitting. The sheer number of elements to protect against can make it seem like environmental damage is just a cost of doing business.

To take control and protect against the forces of nature, there’s Transhield. Through more than 20 years of groundbreaking research into corrosion and the development of revolutionary solutions that protect against it, Transhield has earned its place as the leader in equipment protection. Our advanced cover technology guards against whatever nature has to bring, not just a single element. It’s waterproof, yet breathable. It blocks UV rays. And despite its toughness, it does it all with the softest touch to your equipment.

But the best protective cover is only half the battle. We manage our technology from start to finish, becoming your partner in equipment protection. When we show up we find out every detail about your equipment. We create detailed mock-ups using our innovative 3D scanning technology, and engage in in-depth analysis to make sure we’ve optimized your solution. Then we handcraft your covers, creating the best fit and protection possible. Finally, we stay connected, always assisting and re-evaluating your business needs to ensure you have the best total protection solution at all times.

We’ve been in business for over 20 years, but it’s only the beginning. We will continue to research corrosion, engineer more advanced protection solutions, and stay closely connected to our customers. Because while industries and equipment change, nature will remain a constant force, and Transhield will be there to fight back against it every step of the way.

Transhield. Advanced Protective Cover Technology.

We have our own fabrics, but can also make covers from other materials. Our fabrics are listed below and have proven effective in all sorts of extreme circumstances. ArmorDillo and XT are the most popular materials for military use as they are, durable, lightweight, and contain corrosion inhibitors.

  • 5 mil – Lightweight, shrinkable film with soft inner nonwoven lining
  • 7 mil – Our most popular shrinkable film with soft inner nonwoven lining available with vapor corrosion inhibitors (VCI)
  • 10 mil – Heavy duty, shrinkable film with a soft inner nonwoven lining
  • XT – Heavy duty, non-shrinkable with a reinforced soft nonwoven inner lining containing VCI
  • ArmorDillo® – Tough, non-shrinkable, waterproof exterior with a durable inner lining containing VCI and mold inhibitors
  • Tri-laminate – Heavy duty, scrim reinforced padding with a soft interior lining
  • Transhield Tape – Shrinkable tape with an aggressive adhesive used to reinforce stress areas or assist in waterproofing seams or needed repairs
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