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tna is the leading global supplier of integrated food packaging solutions, with over 6,000 systems installed across more than 120 countries. The company provides a comprehensive range of products including spraying, distribution, seasoning, weighing, packaging, metal detection and verification and promotional systems, plus system controls & integration solutions.

tna's focus on innovation and continuous improvement has also ensured it can offer design and technical support across a broad number of food packaging sectors. Building on its successful heritage in snack applications, tnamore

has since expanded into other areas, confectionery, cereals, powders, fresh and frozen produce and seafood.

tna's unique combination of innovative technologies, extensive project management experience and 24/7 global support ensures customers achieve faster, more reliable and flexible packaged food products at the lowest cost of ownership.

tna offers high performance systems in the following areas:

Spraying Solutions

tna provides advanced spraying technology for a wide variety of applications, including liquids, slurries and solids. Due to their flexibility in design, tna's spraying solutions allow different application rates to be easily applied on the same line.

tna intelli Range

tna intelli-spray® 800 is a unique spray gun solution that creates perfect patterns and a consistent and controllable level of application. The spray nozzles are made from high quality food grade stainless steel with a range of gun mounts for any oiling of flavouring requirements. Fitted with a self-cleaning system, they can't block and are easy to clean, minimising downtime and maintenance costs.

Designed to fit on any production line that requires an even coating on the top and / or bottom of products as they travel along a conveyor, tna intelli-spin® 700 provides highly accurate application rates with consistent flow. Based on unique spinning disc technology, the spray patterns of the tna intelli-spin® 700 cause minimal misting and dripping, reducing material costs and limiting product waste.

Distribution Solutions

tna is the only company in the world that manufactures the full range of conveying systems, including air distribution conveyors as well as vibratory and horizontal motion conveyors to food manufacturers around the world.. Tailor made to customer specification, the tna roflo® 3 series of vibratory & horizontal motion conveyor systems quickly, yet gently transport products, minimising breakages or loss of flavours and reducing the risk of cross contamination.

tna conveyors are driven by electromagnetic drives, and therefore have no moving or wearing parts, such as shafts, gears, links and belts, reducing maintenance costs and downtime. As they are also self-cleaning there is no chance of any product becoming trapped and leading to HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) or QA issues.

The full tna roflo® 3 range is easily integrated upstream or downstream to other tna seasoning and weighing technologies to provide customised processing and packaging solutions in line with customer requirements.

Seasoning Solutions

tna offers a complete package of seasoning systems, from the end of the production process through distribution and the matching of product flow to each bagging station according to the demand of the baggers. All these components can be coordinated together for the maximum efficiency of operation, performance and with differing options as to when and where both wet and dry seasoning is applied.

Covering all seasoning requirements from wet applications such as oils and slurries through to dry powder applications, tna's intelli-flav® MLS 3 (main line seasoning) system and the new tna intelli-flav® OMS 5 (on-machine seasoning) system provide total control of adhesion and fast flavour changes for snack lines.

Designed to deliver tna's renowned combination of performance, simplicity and flexibility, the new tna intelli-flav® OMS 5 features a responsive variable mass seasoning system with a dynamic vibratory weigher to directly control oil spray and powder flow into the drum. This enables an accurate, proportional amount of seasoning is evenly applied to the product for improved coverage and flavour dispersion.

The tna intelli-flav® MLS 3 is a high performance main-line seasoning (MLS) system that delivers the right flavour dispersion for consistent application with minimal waste and product damage. The tna intelli-flav CLO (closed loop oil application) and tna intelli-flav CLS (slurry spray gun system) can be integrated as part of any tna seasoning solution or added to an existing production set up.

Weighing Solutions

Suitable for any packaging application, tna multi-head scales combine weighing accuracy and speed with improved productivity, reduced downtime and gentle product handling. The tna intelli-weigh® omega Ω multi-head scale is designed to be seamlessly integrated with leading vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) bagger, the tna robag®. This weigher-bagger combination delivers high-speed packaging speeds of up to 200 bpm, as well as a high-accuracy packaging solution for improved productivity and reduced waste.

tna hyper-detect®

Metal Detector Solutions

The tna hyper-detect® 5 offers maximum detection sensitivity for complete compliance with food safety legislation and industry standards. With a high frequency function, the tna hyper-detect® 3 provides stable operation for optimum sensitivity, even when using metallised packaging materials, plus consistent performance when detecting metal pieces. The integrated design, including its unique shape and tapered chute does not increase the system's height, requiring minimal installation space, plus it can be fully integrated with baggers and weighers. This also allows the detector to run at much faster speeds while maintaining high sensitivity levels.

Able to detect ferrous contaminants from 0.8mm to 0.9mm, non-ferrous pieces up to 1.0mm and even non-magnetic stainless steel from 1.0mm to 1.2mm, the tna hyper-detect® is extremely sensitive, greatly reducing the risk of contaminants entering the value chain, so safeguarding consumer safety and companies' reputations.

tna robag®

Verification Solutions

Designed to protect brands, tna's range of verification products can be easily integrated into the tna robag® series. tna intelli-scan® 2 reliable camera system, intelli-date® 2 date coder and intelli-read® 3 bar code reader can quickly and accurately check, scan and verify dates and labels to meet product packaging, regulatory and quality specifications.

Packaging Solutions

The industry leader in vertical form fill and seal technology, tna's innovative robag® 3ci flexible baggers package food products at unrivalled high speeds. tna's robag® systems deliver high performance across a range of applications, packing at speeds of up to 250 bags per minute while reducing waste and minimising the impact on the environment. It can also provide up to a 30 per cent improvement in performance in both output and reduction in rejects.

The tna robag® FXIS 3ci is the world's first VFFS rotary jaw polyethylene packaging system for fresh and frozen produce and pre-wrapped confectionery. This system offers efficiencies of up to 99 per cent of target output while reaching unrivalled speeds of 150bpm. It also boasts a revolutionary rotary double flat jaw (RDFJ) configuration which doubles the throughput in comparison to the standard single jaw packaging systems that are currently on the market.

Suitable for high volumes of sweet and savoury snacks, confections, cereals, pasta, powders, meat and poultry and fresh and frozen produce, the tna robag® can be fully integrated up- and downstream onto existing packaging lines.

Promotional Solutions

tna's complete portfolio of packaging and processing solutions also includes promotional systems. Developed using tna's innovative technology, they can be easily integrated with the company's packaging, seasoning and weighing equipment.

The tna inserter® 2 inserts various 3D and 2.5D objects from bulk quantities into a chosen packaging system at speeds of up to 100bpm. The tna trenza® 2 offers an effective solution for manufacturers looking to attach hanging strips to any number of bags. This enables bags to be removed with one pull and avoiding unnecessary damage and waste.

Controls & Integration

tna delivers a wide range of production line control and data acquisition systems, as well as additional options for SCADA, operator interfaces, network systems, spare parts, and remote support. Specialists in electrical and control system integration solutions, tna enables its customers to take control of their production lines.

All of tna's products can be easily integrated into existing production lines thanks to their simplicity in design and flexibility in configuration. The use of tna's proven and modular integration technology allows total visibility over all the equipment, giving plant managers a much tighter level of process control and ensuring that all their products reach the highest standards when it comes to safety and quality.

Project Management

By listening carefully to its customers' needs, tna designs systems for specific processing and packaging requirements and throughput. Co-ordinating every aspect of a project from inception to installation and training, the company's unrivalled expertise in total project management is invaluable in ensuring that installations are executed on time with minimal disruption to the daily running of a plant and impact on production schedules. tna is there for its customers every step of the way; its dedicated project managers work in close partnership with its customers, as well as tna's own design, sales, logistics and installation departments.

Alongside its customer focus and commitment to innovation, tna also ensures that sound commercial and ethical principles are adopted throughout the business. The company is keen to share its success with those less fortunate and is actively involved in a number of charitable and philanthropic projects.less


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