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Tintometer Limited

The Tintometer Limited is a leading supplier of colour measuring instruments and software for various colour using industries including the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic sectors. Their range of products cover the measurement of powders, liquids, pastes and gels plus the packaging material used to contain and promote the final product. Whether the product is large, small, transparent, translucent or completely opaque The Tintometer range, under the brand name Lovibond®more

, have an instrument to cater for most applications.

Tintometer Limited is represented in over eighty countries and has five office and manufacturing facilities world-wide. There is a network of approved service centers in The Tintometer Limited’s major market locations offering calibration, maintenance and after sales support.

Pharmaceutical Colour

Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic products are produced in many forms from powders and granules to Pastes and liquids. The colour of these products is important in the identification, safety and aesthetic value of the final product as well as a way to measure the progress of processing. Pharmaceutical colour is also an important indicator of degradation . The Tintometer manufacture a range of instruments for the evaluation of colour for incoming raw materials, final product and packaging material in its many different forms.

US / Chinese and EU Pharmacopeia

EP/CP & USP Colour Grading Pharmacopoeia methods for colour assessment of pharmaceutical solutions are based on a visual comparison with liquid standards formulated from dilutions of primary red, yellow and blue. However, the colour of these liquid standards is stable only for a limited period so, to ensure reliable results, new stock solutions must be prepared regularly.

Their preparation requires considerable time and care as any slight variation may give rise to inaccuracies and inconsistent results. Tests conducted by the Swiss Federal Department of Health concluded that the Lovibond® Comparator System 2000 with

glass colour standards was more reliable for colour grading of pharmaceutical solutions than the standard colour test solutions.

By comparison, glass colour standards are simple to use, quick to obtain results and eliminate the time-consuming procedures involved when using liquid standards for colour grading. Tintometer® Lovibond® Also supply automatic colorimeters to determine the US, Chinese and EU Pharmacopeia colour scale rather than relying on any form of  visual assessment.

Gardner Scale: Disinfectant Validation

The Gardner Colour Scale described in ISO 4630-1 ISO 2:2004 specifies a method for estimating, by means of the Gardner scale, the colour of clear, yellow/brown liquid products using colour-measuring instruments and is used for disinfectant validation for Pharmaceutical products.Tintometer® Lovibond® supply both visual and Automatic systems to easily evaluate the Gardner colour value.

ICUMSA Scale ( International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis)

Sugar is used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry for medicated pastels, confectionary and syrups. The sugar raw material will therefore affect the final product colour and needs to be assessed to ensure uniformity and batch to batch repeatability. To this end many Pharmacuetical specialty Sugars would use the ICUMSA colour Scale. Again Tintometer®Lovibond® supply a range of visual and automatic colour assessment systems to accurately measure the sugar and syrup ICUMSA colour values.

Reflectance Range Measurement

For the colour assessment of solid opaque materials Tintometer®Lovibond® manufacture a range of spectrophotometers and colour quality control software packages for reflectance range measurement. These instruments allow the colour assessment of creams, tablets, capsules, powders, granules. Lotions, dip strips and plastic parts as well as packaging material.

Digital Imaging System: Cosmetics Analysis

There are some pharmaceutical and cosmetic products which are extremely difficult to measure the colour of. This is either because they are too small, a difficult shape,not homogeneous or cannot be handled. Tintometer® Lovibond® have developed a digital imaging system called the CAM 500 just for this type of cosmetic analysis.

Generates an objective, pass-fail assessment for QC in seconds

• Ideal for natural and industrial products with detailed or non-uniform colour variation• Simultaneously assesses the whole image or multiple areas of interest• Non contact technology that is unaffected by product consistency or texture• Operated without knowledge of colour science or image analysis• Includes controlled environment for sample illumination and viewing• Additional potential for dimension and shape measurementless


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  • Matthew Russell

    Product Specialist Contact Expert

    With over 12 years’ experience in the industry, Matthew has worked for GretagMacbeth, X-Rite and Lovibond Tintometer. His expertise in colour measurement has proved invaluable. Matthew has an Honours Degree in Chemistry from the University of Manchester.

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