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Theissen Training Systems

THEISSEN TRAINING SYSTEMS (TTS) is one of the world's leading manufacturers of live-fire training applications with production sites in Germany, Belgium and North America. TTS develops, produces and installs complete training range systems for Small Arms Ranges, Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) facilities and Combined Arms Live-Fire Exercise (CALFEX) Ranges that include Tank and Attack Helicopter operations.

Product Range

TTS has continuously developed and improved a broad range of sophisticated off-the-shelf target mechanisms meeting or exceeding today‘s highly technical and ridged quality requirements. The company's modular product line of proven components allow for quick adaptability and tailor made solutions.

Major products available from Theissen Training Systems include:

  • Infantry Targets
  • Armor Targets
  • Moving Targets
  • Range Control Systems
  • Automatic Scoring Systems
  • Location of Miss and Hit (LOMAH) Targets
  • LOMAH Equipment
  • Indoor Range Equipment
  • Effect Simulators
  • Accessories

Infantry & Armor Targets

TTS offers a wide range of infantry & armor targets. For example - Pop-up targets are available with a variety of mechanisms combining lifting and rotary movement for training in friend/foe discrimination. TTS‘s automated stationary infantry targets increase the shooter's enthusiasm resulting in improved training quality.

Theissen Training Systems deliver professional live fire targets for training of gunners and crews of armored vehicles using intelligent moving and stationary targets. TTS offers a wide range of stationary and moving full and half size armor targets with flank (profile) or head-on views, which can either pop-up or be constantly exposed.

Shooting on moving targets is a real challenge and provides enhanced situational training for any shooter. At TTS the continued expansion of the modular target systems encompasses targetry where silhouettes, motion and speed can easily be altered to diversify the training and enhance training realism. With these capabilities, animation can be as unpredictable as the real combat threat.

Range Control Systems

TTS offers fully computerized Range Control Systems that allow for both control and status monitoring of all target appliances on the range. Different types of mobile control units are available as compact handheld target control systems. Specifically designed for military use, they are radio-operated, battery powered terminals enabling users to remotely manage and operate infantry and armor target mechanisms along with enemy fire simulators, stationary and moving targets and automated scoring systems.

Automatic Target Scoring Systems

For precision shooting and zeroing, TTS offers automatic target scoring systems for supersonic and subsonic projectiles. The LOMAH Sensor system is an infantry precision target system that enables the correct detection of the location of the hit on the target and is even able to detect the exact location of near misses. Box Target systems operate in subsonic as well as in supersonic regions / modes. The generated signals are used to calculate the position of the shot.

Battlefield Effects Simulators & Accessories

TTS delivers a wide variety of simulators and accessories. Battle Effects and Sound Simulators realistically create the acoustical impression of a tank, anti-tank weapon, or a hostile fire weapons system. Battlefield effects simulators and accessories provide trainee's and experienced shooters alike with a cost-effective and realistic training environment and creates the stressful situations similar to the experience in combat.

"Effects simulators" replicate the visual impression of a hit or a kill by creating a cloud of smoke. Additionally they create the impression of counter enemy fire by discharging a loud main gun bang and/or gun smoke. Thermal Imaging Systems are used to heat target silhouettes of infantry or armor targets. This realistically creates the visual effect of targets as they would be seen by thermal night-vision device.


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