Worldwide, Armies use TGL's field-tested solid rubber wheels and metal wheels on Main Battle Tanks, Infantry Fighting Vehicles, Armed Personnel Carriers, Amphibious Tracked Fighting Vehicles, Military Trucks and other heavy military vehicles. The various in-house technologies supported at TGL are implemented to produce, among others, solid rubber wheels and metal wheels for military vehicles such as the M1, M-2, M9, M48, M-60, M-88, M-109, M-113, LVTP 7, AMX-113, LEOPARD 1, LEOPARD 2, MERKAVA (all Marks) and others.more


Rubber vulcanized and metal road wheels are manufactured in-house at TGL.

Tanks are built to move at high speed over rough terrain.

The function of the road wheels are to enable mobility while absorbing the harsh impact of the ride. Road wheels are manufactured from forgings, castings and flat metal sheets. Where applicable, road wheels components are machined, welded, vulcanized, painted and preserved before being packed and shipped to the customer.  TGL manufactures road wheels for the M1, M-2, M9, M48, M-60, M-88, M-109, M-113, LVTP 7, AMX-113, LEOPARD 1, LEOPARD 2, MERKAVA (all Marks) and others.

Track shoe assemblies, track shoes and track pads are supplied for military vehicles such as Main Battle Tanks, Armored Personnel Carriers, Armored Recovery Vehicles and other heavy Tanks including the M-1, M-2, M-60, M-88, M-109, M-113, AMX-113, Leopard I and II and others. TRACK SHOE ASSEMBLIESTGL track shoe assemblies are supplied as single track shoes, in sections of eight (8) linked track shoes or as complete, fully rolled track assemblies for the left and right sides of military tanks. TRACK SHOES AND TRACK PADSDepending on the model, track shoes are supplied with either detachable or permanent rubber track pads. Machining and vulcanization takes place in-house at the TGL'S factory as track shoe bodies, track pads and bushings, pins and connectors are prepared to turn individual track shoes into sections or rolled track assemblies.less


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