Army Field Kitchens and Military Cooking Stations

Teuvan Defence

Teuvan Defence (Teuvan Keitintehdas Oy) is a manufacturer of high quality military grade cooking equipment for defense and security forces. With over 85 years of experience, the company has provided modular field kitchens to the Finnish Defence forces and other militaries around the world, emphasising portability, efficiency and reliability.

Teuvan supplies solutions with comprehensive installation and usage training, so you can be sure that your team is fully familiar with the equipment. Solutions are modular, so field kitchens are easily customised to meet specific customer requirements. With an emphasis on user friendly design and rugged structure, Teuvan military cooking stations are straightforward to deploy and are ready to use within minutes.more

Army Field Kitchen

The FK2000 Army Field Kitchen is ideal for servicing up to 500 members of military personnel. The kitchen is completely mobile. Built as part of a trailer unit, it can be used on the move with a range of fuels or towed into position and expanded out into a full cooking facility.

The field kitchen is extremely versatile and is powered by either diesel. aviation fuels, gas or solid fuel. The powerful generator benefits from a soundproof enclosure, so it does not disturb cooks or other personnel during mealtimes. Designed for outdoor use, the unit includes an expandable tent, that can be used to protect users from the elements.

The kitchen unit includes a large range of cooking equipment, including a large 150L pot for mass service. The platform is supplied with a full range of stainless steel cooking equipment for frying, boiling and steaming, so personnel have various meal options available to them. Unlike a lot of the field kitchens, the unit also includes a 150L convection oven, suitable for baking.

Lightweight Field Kitchen

Modular Field Kitchen

The LFK150 Lightweight Field Kitchen is a lighter, smaller unit, providing cooking facilities for 150 - 400 personnel. The field kitchen benefits from a lightweight design, making for easier towing. It's ideal for rapid response scenarios that require a military base to be established quickly and efficiently. The unit is also rugged enough to be used in exposed environments, withstanding wind, rain and excessive cold or heat.

The LFK150 is powered by a range of fuels, with refuelling carried out quickly and effortlessly. The unit benefits from an intuitive design, so does not require intensive training in order to understand and operate, saving time and resources. A simple design makes the equipment easy to care for and maintain - the unit being virtually maintenance free.

The design of the LFK150 is extremely robust. The field kitchen sports stainless steel gas burners and a gas cylinder rack. The cooking station is also designed to be towed and navigates rough terrain with ease. The equipment can also be fitted with a roof to protect personnel from the elements.

Military Cooking Stations

Military Cooking Stations

The FC75 is a lightweight and extremely portable military cooking station, installed on a pair of skis with wheels and handles for easy transport across rough terrain. With a compact design, it can cater a simple meal for an impressive 200 personnel. Because of its size and construction, the machine is easy to tip and turn for cleaning and maintenance.

The cooking station can be powered by diesel (or aviation fuels) or solid fuel, so fuel is readily available in the field. The option of either diesel or gas burner delivers additional cooking control, helping to maintain temperatures and improve safety.less

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