Foam Scrubbing Technology (FaST) From Tennant: The Safe And Productive Way To Scrub Floors


Keep tarmacs and hangars safe and free of slippery fuels, grease and oil. Clean and maintain high-traffic airports with Tennant's proprietary FaST™ scrubbing foam technology.

Today's economical and environmental constraints cause headaches for numerous professionals. This is undoubtedly true for the cleaning industry and specifically for those responsible for facility maintenance in airports. They face the ever-increasing pressure of improving efficiency and effectiveness in their daily operations.

In short, this means that the same amount of work needs to be done in less time and at a lower overall cost. However, the work still needs to happen according to the industry quality and safety standards. Furthermore, the environmental issues in today's world force companies to invest in green technology that will reduce the environmental impact of operations. As a consequence, cleaning professionals find themselves looking for ways to comply with these challenging demands.

FaST Scrubbing Machine

Tennant's FaST machine range offers cleaning professionals just that: the innovative foam scrubbing technology and the FaST detergent provide benefits that include significant savings and simplified machine operation.

Superior Technology
The revolutionary FaST foam cleans just as efficiently as conventional detergent solutions. Using the on-board FaST-PAK™ cartridge, the system automatically feeds on the necessary concentrate and mixes it with water and air. This process creates Tennant's self-collapsing cleaning foam that ensures activation of a higher detergent percentage.

By the time the foam is recovered by the machine, it has completely returned to its liquid state. Floors are cleaner, and less water means floors are dry, providing more safety, resulting in less slip and fall accidents. FaST foam cleans so well it not only attracts and removes soil, it even removes old, slippery detergent residue, increasing floor traction.

Substantial Savings
The Tennant FaST system brings an end to the annoying, time-consuming tank filling and emptying process, thus dramatically shortening job time. Due to the quick drying time, more work can be done during daytime. This in combination with less filling and emptying also means that labour costs are cut down by an average of at least 30%. One FaST-PAK™ is the equivalent of 200 litres of detergent, yet it is only 1% of the size, volume and weight. When the FaST-PAK™ is ready for disposal it can be easily flattened to a small and compact size.

FAST-PAK Disposable Bag

Environmental Impact
By drastically reducing water consumption, detergent usage and packaging materials, FaST's biodegradable, phosphate free system significantly reduces environmental impact. This is one example of how Tennant is contributing to "Creating a cleaner, safer world".

Simple to Use
Because of the Tennant FaST foam, just one water fill provides an extended scrubbing time of up to 400%. One FaST-PAK™ cartridge contains enough cleaning solution to last for weeks.

The advantages are obvious: automatic dosing, no more messy mixing, no operator hazards and no intensive training sessions. In addition, Tennant FaST machines are flexible.

Tennant FaST machines are high performance tools designed to meet the high standards of airport facility management. Numerous machines have been equipped with FaST technology. The FaST detergent is available for every day use (FaST 365) but also for the heavy duty cleaning jobs (FaST 695).

Choosing FaST facilitates maintaining a clean, safe and healthy airport facility, protecting employees, customers and visitors and in the process controlling insurance costs.

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