ALLFAX 3000 In-line Facsimile Encryption


The ALLFAX 3000 fax encryption solution from Telsy.

Allfax 3000 is a dedicated and user-friendly in-line fax encryptor that provides government and enterprise users end-to-end fax communication. Allfax 3000 is a new generation stand alone in-line fax encryption equipment. Designed to be the efficient and economical solution for secure fax messaging, ALLFAX 3000 can operate with any Group 3 fax machine.

The equipment is extremely easy to use making operation transparent to the user and encryption automatic. Connection to the fax machine is easily made by inserting ALLFAX 3000 between the telephone line wall plug and the fax machine. This allows encryption of facsimile messages without the need of a fax machine equipped with a special interface.

The available encryption algorithms guarantee a verifiable high security level. Customized algorithms can be tailored according to customers’ specific needs. The integrated smartcard reader/writer allows user identifications can be developed according to customer’s requirements.

The ALLFAX 3000 Fax Encryptor

Key Features

  • Provides secure end-to-end fax communications
  • Compatible with all standard Group 3 fax machines include also the latest generation fax modems for secure fax message transmission and reception up to 14400 bps
  • Works even of poor lines and connections
  • Choice of hardware based proprietary or customized algorithm
  • Key distribution via smartcards or Key Distribution Center
  • Authentication functionality
  • Taper-proof and key erasing system even in the absence of network power supply
  • Made in Italy
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