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The security of a country, a delicate diplomatic negotiation, a risky police operation, a financial or industrial deal could be seriously compromised if critical information is leaked. Since 1971, when it built its first voice scrambler for mobile radios, TELSY has successfully met all security requirements and thus become a leading supplier of information security solutions providing off-the-shelf and customized encryption equipment. Constant commitment to innovation lies behind TELSY success.more

Thanks to a lively investment strategy, centred around research, TELSY has always been in the forefront of Information Security. Technical ability, fantasy and creativity are the indispensable qualities that enable TELSY to respond closely to the most varied and changing demands of a customer. The company background has allowed TELSY to provide reliable and user- friendly solutions to precisely satisfy governments and corporate user needs for information security.

The company is located in a modern industrial complex in the outskirts of Torino with over 2,000 square meters for laboratories and test facilities. Several tens of thousands TELSY systems protect vital communications in over fifty countries worldwide, every day. 40 highly-qualified engineers and specialists in communication security in close and constant cooperation with local and international scientific communities, established the company's worldwide reputation of state- of-the-art engineering.

Voice Scrambler Software

In 1971 TELSY built its first voice scrambler for mobile radios. A wide range of systems for military, governmental and law enforcement applications followed keeping the company again and again in the forefront of the encryption technology.

DSP Security

In 1982 TELSY pioneered Digital Signal Processing technology. Wide use of DSP security allowed TELSY to design a new line of products, entirely software implemented. The result is a unique DSP securitysolution to the ever-expanding needs for high security digital encryption.

Since 1990 TELSY is part of the Telecom Italia Group. In 1995 TELSY approached the Internet Protocol related security issues being once again in the forefront of the encryption technology. During the last few years TELSY has always been in forefront of rising technology, as Voice Over IP (VOIP), designing the best solution to guarantee user an adequate standard of security and privacy.

Crypto Solution

Crypto products and services include:

  • Crypto Fax
  • Secure Fax Messaging
  • Voice Encryption
  • IP Voice Encryption
  • Voice Over IP Security
  • Crypto Voice
  • HF Encryption
  • Crypto Handset
  • Digital Crypto Handset
  • UHF Encryption
  • IP Encryption
  • Hard Disk Encryption

Military Information Security

The company background has allowed TELSY to provide reliable and user-friendly solutions to precisely satisfy governments and corporate user needs for information security.less


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