Tecimer’s New Mobile Solar RO Water Purification Unit

Tecimer Ltd

Leading provider of mobile military solutions, Tecimer, are proud to release their new Mobile Solar RO Water Purification Unit.


The unit creates drinkable water fast, through the use of solar power. Tecimer boasts of the products low and green energy consumption as well as having a variety of additional advantages such as:

  • No chemicals or additives needed for cleaning the water.
  • Works quietly through the use of an electrical pump.
  • Very fast setup.
  • No on-going fuel costs. 
  • Certified Filtration, which meets WHO standards.
  • Minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Robust and easy to operate.
  • Easy to manoeuvre through the use of a 4 wheel structure.
  • Produces 300 lt. of portable water from a water source with TDS 3000 mg/lt impurity.
  • The system is easily packed on a pallet and wooden case.
Tecimer Mobile Solar RO Water Purification Unit

Once the water is filtered it is then channelled past a UV light that disinfects the water. The disinfecting process has the ability to kill bacteria's and viruses like Dysenteria, Legionella, Cholera, Influenza virus, E-coli and many other unwanted microorganisms to a 99% purity, which prevents infectious diseases spreading.

For more information please see ‘Mobile Solar RO Water Purification Unit' white paper on Armed Forces International.

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