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For over 20 years Tecimer has been a leading provider of mobile military solutions for rapid deployment and disaster relief efforts. Working to the standards of major military organisations, Tecimer manufactures Field Kitchens, Solar Water Purifiers, Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers, Water/Fuel Transportation Units and Shelters.

Tecimer's products meet world safety and performance standards with the equipment holding full ISO 9001 certificates. A trusted supplier to the US Department of Defense, UN peacekeeping missions, NGOs and NATO, Tecimer's products are used all over the world, being used by defense forces in Romania, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chad, Haiti and Kenya.more

  • Mobile Kitchen Trailers
  • Portable Solar Water Purification Equipment
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Purification
  • Portable Water Trailers
  • Mobile Fuel Trailers
  • Deployable Shelters

Army Mobile Kitchen Trailer

Tecimer’s Army Mobile Kitchen Trailer (MKT) is an expandable, self-contained mobile field kitchen facility designed and manufactured for military and civil use.

High quality materials, design, and engineering ensures healthy and comforting hot meals for those operating in challenging environments. The units comply with AQAP, ISO quality standards and military specifications. The equipment caters for cooking, boiling, frying, steaming, grilling, and keeping food warm for a serving of 3-4 courses for 3 times a day per 300-500 persons.

The design is robust, works and travels on all terrains and is easily transported by a towing vehicle by air, sea and land. MKTs work with a variety of fuels, including LPG and solid fuel.

Army Water Purification

Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System (ROWPU)

Tecimer’s army water purification technologies include Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Units that are designed and manufactured to obtain water from all available sources in the field; brackish water to sea water, C&B contaminated water to surface and underground waters, rivers, creeks, lakes and wells. Self-cleaned and self-maintained ROWPUs produce 400L to 2400L/hr water complying with World Health Organization and US Environmental Protection Agency standards.

Compact, endurable, all-terrain and highly efficient, Mobile ROWPU can work without interruption by itself for 24 hours. The system can be easily transported by towing vehicle, land, air or sea.

Mobile Solar Water Purification Unit

The system, by only using solar power, produces 1000L/hr potable water from surface and underground waters, ponds and rivers. By filtration and UV disinfection it removes or reduces microorganisms, even the toughest giardia and cysts, herbicides, volatile organic chemicals, chlorine, bad odor, taste and many other harmful chemicals and contaminants.

Easy and quick to set-up in 5 minutes, there is no need of any chemicals/additives for cleaning the water. The unit benefits from low energy consumption, certified filtration meeting WHO standards and low maintenance requirements. Daily capacity may reach 7 tons of potable water/day by solar power only, but the technology can also work connected to lighter socket of any vehicle.

Army Water Trailer

Tecimer provide mobile army water trailers that have been used widely since 2006. Thanks to the exceptionally high build quality of the unit's tires and chassis, the trailers are suitable for navigating rough terrain, such as that found in desert or mountainous areas. The trailer's lunette eye is in line with standards set down by NATO and is fully height adjustable for towing the unit easily and securely.

The equipment is a specially designed mobile water platform and includes a 2,000 litre tank manufactured from material of AISI 304 quality. A standard 40DC container holds four water trailer payloads.

Military Fuel Trailer

For the last 20 years Tecimer has manufactured military fuel trailers for security forces globally. The unit is designed to handle all kinds of scenarios, able to transport fuel between locations securely and stably. As with Tecimer's army water trailer, the unit complies with NATO standards and is fully adaptable for straightforward towing and maneuverability.

The tires are able to withstand uneven and rough terrain, both off and on the road in challenging weather conditions. A standard DC container can hold the contents of three fuel trailer units.less


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