Technowine Box to preserve Sparking wines

TechnoWine designs, manfactures and sells Wine by the Glass Preservation and Serving equipments for still wines, sparkling wines and Champagnes. TechnoWine solutions are primarily designed for Professionals willing to develop their Wine by the Glass selection and increase their profitability and turnover.

Our products are designed for a multitude of industries, including: Cafe's, Hotels, Restaurants, Wine Bar's, Pub's, Cabaret's, Night Club's, Breweries, Casino's, Corporate Restaurant's, fast food and wineries.

TechnoWine provide reliable top quality solutions. All our systems are designed and manufactured in France. The machines are developed, manufactured and assembled with the utmost care by an experienced team of technicians. Quality is our primary focus and they are designed and built to be resistant, thanks to quality European components.

By working with TechnoWine solutions you will:

Increase your 'Wine by the Glass' menu, taste all your wines (even your Grands Crus!), develop your turnover, expend your profitability, showcase your bottles thanks to our systems layout, increase your customers willingness to taste 'Wine by the Glass' and always provide high quality tasting thereby increasing your conversion rate.

Our various solutions give you the ability to preserve and chill opened bottles for up to 21 days. For still wines, we can avoid premature ageing as our system prevents oxidation. Your wines will retain their quality, aroma and their oenological properties. For your sparkling wines and Champagne we can keep all their “vibrations” : our solutions will preserve your wine bubbles.

We know that time really matters to Professionals and every minute should be spent to better serve customers. For that reason our TechnoWine systems require a low level of maintenance. We're also mindful of the fact that space is critical for Professionals: each and every square meter can be used to increase capacity and generates additional revenue. Our innovative technologies allow us to address both needs with small size equipments.

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