Express Wine Chiller

Master all your tastings: our Express Wine Chiller always provides the ideal serving temperature.

You don’t have room or money to invest in additional wine serving cabinet? But you would like to expand your choices of fresh serving Wine and Champagne by the Glass?

We can help you: our Express Wine Chiller will allow you to propose an unlimited number of bottles at the ideal serving temperature. You can even increase the capacity of your restaurant, by getting rid of your wine serving cabinets.

Our Express Wine Chiller has a reliable and effective refrigeration system. It brings your bottle to the ideal serving temperature within only a few minutes, while preserving wine organoleptic qualities. A great asset compared to your wine serving cabinets: in which temperature is increasing as you open doors.

With our Express Wine Chiller for Wine and Champagne bottles, you are not limited in the choice of your drinks’ temperature. Each compartment has it own independant timer setting.

The Express Wine Chiller by TechnoWine is a product designed and manufactured in Europe. An additional guarantee of quality and performance for our customers.

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