Electronic Wine by the Glass Dispenser

Our Electronic Wine Dispenser is an efficient and modern solution to avoid premature aging of your wines, by protecting them from oxydation.

From the first to the last glass, wine quality is not altered. We preserve your opened bottles of wine up to 21 days. Your wines keep their aroma, their flavor, and their tasting or oganoleptic qualities.

Our Electronic Wine by the Glass Dispenser is primarily designed for Professionals of Hotel, Café, Restaurant, Wine Bar, Pub, Brasserie, Cabaret, Cafeteria, Casino, Night Club, Corporate Restaurant and Fast Food. Our equipement is also designed to fit wineries and wine cellars’ needs.

With its controlled dosing system, our Electronic Wine Dispenser allows you to manage efficiently every wine by the glass dose you serve. An undubitable asset to maintain and even increase your profit.

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