The MILTECH 350 Rugged Military Power Inverter


Techaya have developed the MILTECH 350, a high quality, rugged military power inverter designed to provide reliability to mission critical applications.

The tactical inverter has been qualified for use in critical vehicle, land based systems, airborne and shipboard C4ISR operations. Its high reliability and ruggedness, combined with an advanced modular design, makes the MILTECH 350 ideal for combat scenarios. In addition, the low weight and small size of the military power inverter allows it to be used in operations that might otherwise have not been possible with larger alternatives.

Military Power InverterMILTECH 350

Military Power Inverter

Suitable for use in both field deployed and fixed locations, the power inverter is extremely flexible and can be operated with controlled/uncontrolled environments of 28VDC power source fully comply to MIL-STD 1275 and MIL-STD 704 power specification.

Operationally, the rugged military power inverter provides a solution which is field friendly and more convenient that traditional alternatives. Unlike other systems, the MILTECH 350 does not require mounting or bolting in the field, instead allows easy and fast set up, without any tools.

It also features internal cooling fans as well as an intake air filter, which many other inverters lack, acting to eliminate overheating. This is due to the ability to remove the air filter for cleaning, stopping the build up of sand, dust and dirt.

For safety, a dual pole input DC circuit breaker has been incorporated into the design which helps to combat fuse issues, enhance safety and allow easy maintenance.

Rugged Power Inverter Specifications

The unit is safe for use in temperatures ranging from -5ºC, up to +50ºC and within a humidity of up to 95%. It can be safely operated in rain conditions as well as when exposed to dripping water. The vibration resistance levels have been proven to meet MIL-STD-810F Method 514.5, Proc. 1 ensuring it remains fully operational when used in live combat operations on land, air and sea.

In addition to the rugged power inverter, Techaya also supply a 15 foot long compatible cable set and military grade transit case. Contact us today for a quote.

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