Remote Control of Artillery Systems with MILTECH-1010


Techaya have developed the MILTECH-1010, a highly capable gigabit Ethernet media converter with remote power switching control which is currently being applied for the remote control of artillery systems within the field.

The idea of the artillery remote control system is to remove personnel from the dangers of the field without compromising on weapon capabilities or functionality. The MILTECH-1010 instead offers complete control (power and communication), remotely, via a tactical fibre optic which allows operators to remain kilometres away from the system in a safe control centre.

MILTECH-1010 Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter

MILTECH-1010 Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter

The gigabit ethernet media converter is a combination of two systems. The MILTECH-1010A is placed in the vicinity of the operator whereas the MILTECH-1010B is located by the artillery system, in the field. Connected via tactical fiber optic the units are then able to communicate with one another for complete remote control.

The main design challenge with this system was to build a converter that, when idle, uses only the lowest amount of power consumption but is then able to switch on the power for the remote artillery system when activated.

As a result, the remote control system is able to sit in idle for the majority of its operating life, this uses only 0.1W and enables the system to remain undetectable by thermal sensors. Only when the operator decides to turn on the power of the remote artillery system (with capacity to up to 100 Amps power switching) the system become detectable. Communication between the MILTECH-1010A and 1010B units occurs within miliseconds for complete remote control of the artillery system.

Remote Artillery System Control

Remote Control Benefits

  • Undetectable by thermal sensors in idle mode
  • Personnel removed from dangerous environment
  • Reduction in requirement for personnel field equipment
  • Fast communication times
  • Remote power switching of up to 100 Amps
  • Combat proven

The MILTECH-1010 unit has been designed for use in harsh military environments, with a hardened casing for higher ingress, shock, vibration and impact protection. Packaging enhancements meet MIL-STD-810F airborne & ground environmental compliance and the remote artillery system control units are compact enough to be located in extremely tight spaces.

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