Airport Information Management


While supporting an airport management's complex operations - an activity that requires extensive experience - TAV IT aims to utilize its team of seasoned experts to continue to improve its quality of service while reducing costs.

One of the industry's pioneering companies, TAV IT's accumulated knowledge and experience in the field of airport management systems and applications has equipped it well in developing turn-key integrated solutions for airport infrastructure systems and re-defining processes whenever necessary to provide further increased efficiency.more

With its broad range of products and services from analysis to design, from consultancy to support and maintenance, TAV IT delivers turn-key solutions for airport projects. In all new deployments and during an existing airport's redevelopment, TAV IT ensures that all of its customers continue to receive fast, high quality service free of any operational interruptions.

TAV IT's products and services are used by over twenty airports in:

  • Turkey
  • Europe
  • North Africa
  • The Middle East
  • The Caucasus



  • AODB (Airport Operational Database)
  • FIDS (Flight Information System)
  • RMS (Resource Management System)
  • IB (Information Broker)
  • CMS (Commercial Management System)
  • CDM (Collaborative Decision Making)
  • SCS (Slot Coordination System)
  • PIS (Passenger Information System)
  • TAV Mobile Applications
  • VIP & CIP Operation and Reservation Suite
  • Eagle Lost and Found Application
  • MIS (Management Information System)
  • IMS (Infrastructure Monitoring System)


  • ERP
  • ICT & SAS Design
  • IT Governance
  • MSI & Program Management


  • 24/7 Call Center Support
  • Data Center Management
  • Database & System Maintenance

TAV IT Products & Services


TAV IT's AODB is a resilient and comprehensive central repository for operational data management activities. It combines the efficiency along with a guaranteed, consistent and robust operational performance. The AODB also stores, distributes and manages all real-time flight data. In addition to these, the AODB also quickly transforms all aeronautical and non-aeronautical services data accurate financial figures.


With its flawless attention to detail, TAV IT CDM is designed to provide perfect harmony throughout the airport. In full compliance with Eurocontrol's CDM concept, TAV IT CDM provides a reliable platform on which information can be shared between all stakeholders; Aviation Authorities, Airline Operators, Airport Operators, Ground Handling Service Companies, ATC and the CFMU. Beyond complying with Eurocontrol's current CDM concept, TAV IT CDM provides greater flexibility in order to all future extensions to this concept.


TAV IT works closely with business owners in order to design the "best fit" solution, customized for their specific business needs, while helping them to find an optimal mix of products, technology and resources. To realize each operational efficiency opportunity, TAV IT provides ERP consultancy, systems support, training, development and integration solutions. Our company's core goal is to assist customers in realizing their capital, operational investment and ERP system potential.


TAV IT FIDS has been designed to provide airport management with an automated system for the distribution and display of real-time flight information to passengers and airport operational staff. TAV IT FIDS not only ensures the distribution of flight information to a variety of public and staff display devices, it also displays advertisement, media and real-time weather forecast data along with the flight data on these display devices.


With its sophisticated capabilities and implementation of industry-standard Enterprise Service Bus Technologies functionality, TAV IT IB is the solution to every integration problem. TAV IT IB provides a common platform through which each separate system can exchange and synchronize real-time data. TAV IT IB is a unified information distribution and transformation system with almost no limitations. The IB system presents XML-based protocol interfaces through which information can be transferred either in real-time or in a batch mode.


TAV IT PIS interactively informs and guides passengers via touch-screen information kiosks placed around the airport terminal. This system is a virtual assistant that provides fast, intuitive and user-friendly services to both passengers and visitors. TAV IT PIS provides detailed information and assistance that directly increases the quality of the passenger experience. TAV IT PIS not only meets its customer requirements but also serves as a promotional platform for the generation of advertising revenue. In this respect, TAV IT PIS is a product that both adds value to an airport's services and increases the prestige of the company.


TAV IT RMS has been designed to dramatically increase service levels by enabling airport operators and authorities to manage the fixed assets distributed throughout an airport. The result of a long term academic collaboration, TAV IT RMS makes use of extensive mathematical modeling and optimization algorithms.


Professional Services' main goal is to provide airport business continuity, high availability in compliance with relevant ISO standards, and adherence to ITIL & COBIT frameworks and to IATA, ICAO and ACI regulations.


TAV IT SCMS is designed to meet the capacity management requirements of airport slot coordinators. It is an efficient, comprehensive and user-friendly system that allows coordinators to manage, monitor and optimize airport resources in full compliance with IATA standards. TAV IT SCMS offers remarkable efficiency in capacity management and the best possible performance in slot coordination. TAV IT SCMS is built on vast experiences in numerous airports, which ensures that it addresses the real operational needs of slot coordinators. Thus, TAV IT SCMS proves to be a highly reliable and functional system.


TAV IT Mobile is one of the most innovative mobile applications and the first mobile application in its segment developed internationally. It displays airport-related information, including flights, on the user's smart phone. It is designed in such a way that it could easily be customized or integrated with any external systems. TAV IT Mobile comes with an impressive user interface, in BlackBerry, IOS, Android and Windows 8 versions and with the most extensive content of any aviation-related mobile application.


TAV IT offers smart airport concept which assures to provide ease, comfort and advanced security for passengers, enhance overall airport experience and optimize the operational efficiency of airports. TAV IT SMART AIRPORT (TAV IT SMART) is creating a passenger-oriented, technology-driven airport experience for passengers, airlines, and airport operation teams by taking full advantage of data science, developments in mobile technologies and innovative thinking.


The goal of TAV IT VIP & CIP services is to meet boutique service-level expectations at the airport, offering the highest level of comfort delivered to a global standard. This service quality needs to be designed and implemented flawlessly if it is to serve and satisfy discerning travellers who value comfortable, stress-free and timely service.


IMS (Infrastructure Monitoring System) is the complete visualization, monitoring and analysis solution for IT infrastructure and services, enabling the management of complex and distributed structures.

  • Multiple locations
  • Different technologies
  • All platforms
  • Several customer groups

Infrastructure Management tool is the end-to-end solution for managing

  • Applications
  • Infrastructure servers
  • Network devices
  • Client systems


TAV IT MIS (Management Information System) is a complete data analysis and visualization solution designed to address all these challenges and help organizations to gather, consolidate and analyze their data in order to turn data into information and information into actionable intelligence to guide and support management decisions.less


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