VivAir Airport Passenger Bus

VivAir Airport Bus from TAM-Europe


From TAM-EUROPE the VivAir airport bus looks the part at any airport. Being an idealised modern European design, these buses represent a key part of our business.

Passenger comfort

The buses offer passengers unrivalled comfort as they use air suspension making the ride smooth whilst offering a "kneeling" capability to make boarding easy for both young and elderly. Once on board the comfort continues with heating and air-conditioning which is effective even in extreme temperatures from -40 to +60 centigrade.

VivAir Airport Passenger Bus

Operator requirements

From an operator point of view we can offer a range of five sizes including the largest bus on the market by passenger capacity, and up to seven doors in both side and rear configurations.

We also offer a long list of equipment options, like cleverly placed video systems systemmonitoring the safety of passengers both inside and outside the vehicle.

Of course this vehicle is fully compliant with IATA-AHM standards.

Maintenance and reliability

The buses are designed around an economical single-engine concept with European quality components logically installed to ensure ease of maintenance and low cost throughout a long life cycle with a guarantee of spare parts availability.

A favourite around the world

Add reliability to their flexibility and it's not surprising that VivAir has found it's way to many parts of the world as far away as China and Australia with more than 100 in the Middle East and over 100 in Europe.

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