High Performance Remote Identification Systems, RFID

TagMaster AB

TagMaster AB was formed in 1994 with the innovative idea to design low cost and high performance RFID systems for remote identification.

Remote Radio-Frequency Identification Systems

The company head office is located in the heart of the "wireless valley" in Kista, Stockholm, Sweden. Product sales and marketing is done by an international distributor network covering most industrialized countries. Further on, the products are integrated with major parking and access control systems on an OEM basis available from their respective marketing organizations.more

TagMaster is a public company listed at Nordisk Fondkommission. The company is a member of AIM, IPI and NPA. A number of patents protect the technology under the rights of TagMaster AB.

Our Products

The TagMaster product line is a long-range RFID with a range of up to 14 meters (46 feet).

The products are best suited to identify large moving objects, such as cars, trucks, buses and containers, where the range requirement extends 1 meter (3 feet). Main applications are vehicle access (parking), fleet management, tracking and factory automation.

Equipped with a TagMaster tag cars, trucks, buses, trains or containers are identified on the fly when passing by. Whether it's a parking garage, airport, harbour entry or a gated community -all benefit from the fast, convenient and secure identification and access control provided by TagMaster.

TagMaster provides products for distributors, VAR's, and system integrators to build vehicle access, fleet management, tracking and many other RFID applications.

The new TagMaster MarkTag MeM gives a reading range of 10 metres when combined with the TagMaster LR-6 Reader and a reading range of 14 metres when combined with the TagMaster LR-6 XL Reader which results in endless opportunities and interesting applications at airports around the globe.

The new TagMaster MarkTag Max can is a tag that automatically stops functioning once removed from the vehicle which increases the security and safety even more since it prevents unauthorized access through tag-switching. The TagMaster MarkTag Classic is an ideal ID-tag for hands-free access applications.less


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TagMaster AB
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164 87, Kista

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