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Systematic are specialists in the provision of critical decision making software for military applications, operating with close to 30 years experience. Based in Denmark, Systematic employ over 450 highly experienced and qualified staff which is why they have a client base which spans the globe.

The focus of their military software solutions is to 'break the mould' by providing new, innovative solutions which meet the ever growing requirements within warfare. Smaller military budgets have inspired Systematic to create these solutions in an affordable manner, which are forward compatible for continually changing needs.more

Each product provided by Systematic is extensively tested to ensure it will provide outstanding performance in the field. Highly robust and extremely reliable, the solutions are designed for rapid deployment as well as easy configuration and maintenance.

Systematic provide software solutions for applications including:

  • Command and Control
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Military Messaging
  • Development and Integration

Military Situational Awareness

Command and Control SoftwareThe command and control software systems, which are available from Systematic, provide military situational awareness solutions to defence forces around the globe. Having complete command of an operation is paramount for a successful mission and the SitaWare suite is an off-the-shelf solution helping to provide just that.

SitaWare works by providing military forces with a situational awareness software that ensures the correct information is always available, where and when it is needed. The product operates the same core procedures at all levels enabling fast and smooth integration from the commanding headquarters right through to the individual soldier.

The command and control software is fast to roll out and will easily fit within a militaries budget constraints. As a standardised product the systems is well-proven and has very low service life costs including those associated with training and maintenance of the product.

Battle Management

Within the SitaWare Suite is Sitaware Headquarters and SitaWare Frontline. Each of these modules are designed to add to the whole system and create a complete, reliable battle management system.

SitaWare Headquarters provides a complete situation overview which enables fast and accurate decision making when it truly counts. Operators at the command and control centre are supplied with relevant information which is important to the mission but does not overload them. The software is a revolution in battle management, allowing for multiple system integration for a complete overview which enables the efficient planning and execution of operations. All of these features are available as part of the off-the-shelf package.

SitaWare Frontline has been created for use in tough environments to provide frontline soldiers with accurate information on troop movement and location. Having this information provided faster than the enemy is receiving it helps to outmanoeuvre and gain mission success.

Developed in partnership with military commanders the software is the ideal solution to real world challengers. Easy to use and clear to understand, the battle management solution is available as a user or vehicle application and can be operated on touch screen tablets as small as 8 inches.

Military Messaging and Communication

Systematic are able to provide military messaging and communication software solutions in the form of IRIS. This software has become the standard solution for militaries across the world and is currently in operations by 100,000 users, in 30 different countries.

Combat proven and benefiting from over 15 years of experience in the area of military messaging and communication, IRIS ensures the accurate and reliable exchange of information which is vital for successful operations and the safety of military personnel. The software also enables communication between different nations and equipment, confirming information reaches the correct location at the right time.

The software is designed to easily integrate with future technologies and to meet evolving standards of electronic communication.

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