Controlled Lab Reactor for R&D and Scale-up

SYSTAG, System Technik AG

SYSTAG, System Technik AG has been the preferred partner of the chemical industry since 1965, thanks to its consistent solutions which encompass all phases from development to piloting and process control engineering.

Our objective is to offer our customers conceptual and solution-orientated automation solutions & services from a single provider, addressing all chemical process  development aspects, associated thermal safety inspections and scale-up. In addition to supplying turnkey applications, SYSTAG also frequently integrates existing peripheries or develops customized solutions for a variety of special applications in cooperation with its partners.more

Our products are subject to continuous development based on the latest technological knowledge and cognitions, thus generating a high degree of added value for our clientele. We guarantee investment protection through sustainability and integration. As an international player, we endeavour at all times to provide optimised solutions characterised by economic practicability, flexibility and a capacity for expansion. SYSTAG continuously develops necessary hardware & software components with this in mind. We identify with our customers in the most varied markets and enjoy close collaboration with our partners which has been carefully cultivated over many years. A partnership of over 45 years duration with the chemical industry, the know-how gained and typical Swiss quality awareness all vouch for maximum reliability from the planning phase to commissioning.

How Can Working With Systag Benefit You?

  • Increasing (double or triple) the efficiency of the R&D group
  • 100% reproducible experiments leading to far more robust processes
  • Permanent and full data logging and online trend of all values
  • The very straightforward FlexySys software platform allows even inexperienced users to start work immediately, after less than just 30 minutes of training
  • The NEW drag & drop recipe editor makes the programming of an experiment quick and easy. Full documentation and data archiving by project allows prompt and permanent traceability of any experiment at any time
  • Application know-how leads into very customisable design, satisfying even the most diverse needs


 Fully Automated Process

Parallel Synthesis Workstations for Pharmaceutical Applications

SYSTAG designs systems for chemical research, process development and scale-up applications and specialises in thermal process safety analysis. The company offers FlexyCUBE and FlexyPAT, which helps in the research, optimisation and manufacture of fine chemicals and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for synthetic process development. Modular and integrated automation solutions are provided for millilitre scale and small-batch production. The FlexyCUBE parallel synthesis workstation enables processes to be developed efficiently, allowing rapid and robust scale-up and in-depth quality risk analyses. SYSTAG uses standardised processes to cut costs from early development stages to deliver a high level of reproducibility and informative analyses through an integrated logging function. 

Pressure Reactors for Hydrogenation and Catalyst Screening

SYSTAG's controlled lab reactors, including FlexyPAT and FlexyPlant, combine modular, flexible process automation technologies with customised complete solutions for process research or scale-up in the kilo lab. FlexyPAT and FlexyPlant meet changing requirements and integrate existing peripherals, as well as analytical technologies such as fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) and particle size analysers. The FlexyPAT automated lab reactor can be used in morphology, process analysis, thermal and physical process technology. SYSTAG offers 100ml glass-jacketed reactors and pressure reactors with several litres of capacity for pressurised applications such as hydrogenation, polymer research and catalyst screening.

Reaction Calorimetry for Thermal Process Safety

SYSTAG's Calo2310pro reaction calorimeter is used to study synthetic reactions. The FlexyTSC adiabatic safety calorimeter classifies adverse reactions and the thermal potential of a reaction. Combining thermal parameters such as the power and heat of the reaction, adiabatic temperature rise, maximum temperature for synthesis reaction (MTSR) and heat of decomposition helps to devise individual runaway scenarios. SYSTAG's reaction calorimeter and thermal analysis equipment can help to eliminate thermally uncontrolled incidents and associated events. All SYSTAG solutions have a reaction calorimetry function, including parallel synthesis workstations and controlled lab reactors, which can be retrofitted. The FlexySys all-in-one software platform is a software application for the management of reactions of various sizes, ranging from millilitre scale to pilot plant applications.

The platform eliminates the process of having to learn several different application platforms, and guarantees quick scale-up and scale-down processes. FlexySys has an intuitive synoptic system and comprehensive documentation to ensure all information is recorded. The software includes predefined standard operating procedures (SOPs) for controlled lab reactors and parallel synthesis workstations, as well as reaction calorimeters and thermal analysis applications. The software can be used for up to six experiments in parallel and remains autonomous.less


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  • Erwin Telser

    Project Manager and Application Contact Expert

    Erwin Telser has been in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry for more than 25 years for Chemical Engineering and Process Optimisation. He has a comprehensive knowledge in Process Engineering, R&D and Scale-Up as well as IQ/OQ and Validation.

  • Marcel Haugg

    General Sales Manager Contact Expert

    Marcel Haugg has been with SYSTAG since 2001 as General Sales Manager. With his expertise of more than 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry he is a specialist all-around automation in R&D, and Key-Account Manager for our global cliente.

  • Mike Mandlehr has been with SYSTAG since 1994. Following a thorough grounding in the chemical industry and production technology, he applies his expertise worldwide as a specialist in Reaction Calorimetry and Thermal Safet Analysis.

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