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With its wealth of experience, its innovation excellence, its unsurpassed customer service, and its intimate knowledge of best practices, standards, and best-of-breed equipment, Sword Services is the perfect partner to see to your security needs. We provide a wide range of services for our customer’s.

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Control & Monitoring 

While we all hope that everything runs smoothly and there are no serious problems, we all understand that, well, sometimes things can go awry. And when they do it’s important to act quickly and, when the dust settles, determine the root cause.

In the midst of a crisis, knowing who’s best-placed to deal with matters and where your key personnel are can make all the difference. A good monitoring solution can be the source of that knowledge, keeping track of everything that happens within its field of operation: from the location of staff at a given point in time to the status of magnetic locks. In the case of fire, for example, it’s absolutely crucial knowing which employees or guests are unaccounted for and where they might be.

In the aftermath, the record of goings on is just as important: knowing who was on-site; whether they were where they were supposed to be; at precisely what time the magnetic seal on the rear entrance was broken. All such information can be used to improve practice, tighten security, inform staff and management, and help make decisions on accountability.

Monitoring is no longer a luxury or something that might be nice to have – it’s an essential. Sword Services can make sure you gain visibility and control over your working environment with a monitoring solution to perfectly meet your needs.

Access Control

We all have keys to our homes and cars; we have bank cards, credit cards, or Oyster cards; pretty much anyone reading this will access their computer and email accounts with a password – all are forms of access control.

At its most fundamental, access control is about protecting what you want to protect and making sure no one can access the things you don't want them to - whether they be physical items, personal details, or confidential information.

Sword Services understands access control better than most. They understand that security is a genuine concern for most businesses. And they understand, too, that too much or the wrong sort of security will just hamper staff and those with legitimate reasons to be accessing secure systems and areas.

At Sword Services, we know that one of our access control solutions is the right sort of security for your business - whatever your business - because we've been doing this for a long time and we know how to design a system to fully meet your security needs; one that won't get in the way


The sight of a CCTV camera is sometimes all it takes to deter a would-be intruder and studies show that people's behaviour in general improves when they know someone is – or even just might be – watching.

Of course, the primary benefit of a surveillance system is the visual (and audio) coverage it offers and the peace of mind it brings. And even when there's no one there to watch, your digital video recorders will be on hand to capture all the goings-on.

Sword Systems is an industry-recognised expert in the field of surveillance with a wealth of experience providing solutions for a wide range of customers, big and small. The key word in there is "solutions": the needs of customers vary greatly and so, therefore, do the solutions that meet those needs.

Structured Cabling and Fibre

Information technology it’s at the heart of today’s successful business operations. Efficient integration of all the key areas, from research and development through costumer service, is critically important. The many and varied business functions, each with their own unique requirements, are depending on a common technology foundation: CABLING

Structured cabling has become an integral part of any organisations IT Infrastructure, without which, we simply wouldn't be able to operate. That's why it is important to make sure that your network is up to date and managed properly.

Modern organizations have commonly communications needs such:

  • Large networks systems
  • Complex communication requirements: access to mainframe data, internetworking of several LANs, connectivity to a WAN, transmission of data and non-data.
  • Multiple data protocols and signals
  • Heavy network traffic to be supported simultaneously
  • Multiple work-groups, network and facilities that need to be internetworked
  • Mission critical applications where high reliability and secure are mandatory
  • Need to support varying media and devices types
  • A high degree of upgrade-ability, so the existing equipment can be preserved and higher performance hardware and software solutions can be implemented seamlessly
  • A high degree of network moves, add and changes, requiring that the enterprise network be highly manageable

SSL engineers can install data cabling solutions for a varied range of project size and have experience in a wide variety of different environments including Schools, Universities in both refurbishments and new build. SSL deliver the best and most cost effective solution to meet your data cabling infrastructure needs. We are approved to install data cabling systems from a number of different manufacturers. Our team receive regular training and product updates. All installations of Cat5e and Cat6/6A cabling are tested with Fluke testing equipment, to ensure compliance with the relevant standards and test results are included with the handover documentation. So, whatever your copper data cabling requirements, SSL has the capability to offer the highest levels of performance, quality and support, all at a cost effective price.less


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