Chlorine, Ozone ClO2, Conductivity Meters

Swan Analytical Instruments

Swan analytical instruments offer a complete range of on-line sensors, transmitters, handheld / analytical instruments and flowcells for water purity monitoring and testing. These products can be used in environmental testing applications including the monitoring of effluents, waste water, swimming pools and sanitary water. They can also be used to ensure quality of potable water, feedwater, ultra pure water and purified water for pharmaceutical applications.more

High precision instruments can be supplied for analysing potable water, purified water for pharmaceutical applications and ultra pure water supplies.  Sensors and analysers are also available for measurement of conductivity and many other parameters in feedwater, steam and condensates.The company also stock sampling accessories, along with reagents and other consumables to complete the product portfolio.

  • Chlorine, Ozone and ClO2 meters
  • Dissolved Oxygen Meters
  • pH Measurement
  • Redox (ORP) Sensors
  • Turbidity
  • Phosphate Monitoring
  • Total Organic Carbon Meters
  • Sodium Measurement
  • Silica Monitoring
  • Nitrate Meters
  • Hydrazine / Carbohydrazide Sensors
  • Ammonium Detectors

Chlorine, Ozone and ClO2 meters

ChemTest Water Testing Kit

Chlorine is a powerful disinfectant used in the purification of wastewater, drinking supplies, and public swimming pools. However, the gas itself is highly poisonous, so it must be added in small doses - often in the form of compounds such as hypochlorus acid (HClO) or sodium hypochlorite (NaClO)

Swan Analytical Instruments' AMI Codes-II range of chlorine, ozone and ClO2 meters offer precise determination of total chlorine, other disinfectants and related compounds. These flexible solutions provide a valuable tool for monitoring and analysis of everything from effluents to drinking water and high purity water.

The Chematest range of handheld instruments enable the measurement of disinfectants, pH, redox potential and other parameters whilst in the field, away from the laboratory. The kit is supplied in a custom-designed case for easy storage of the handheld instrument along with reagents and calibration solutions, which the company also supplies.

Water Conductivity Meters

Water Conductivity / Resistivity Meter

Electrical conductivity and resistivity are an important indicator of the level of dissolved nutrients, impurities and salts water supplies. The AMI Inspector QA monitor from Swan Analytical Instruments provides precise measurements of specific conductivity and resistivity with a measurement range of 0.01 to 18.8 MΩ-cm. These precise measurements are essential to detect impurities in ultra pure water supplies.

The AMI Solicon4 (available in AC and DC designs) provides conductivity measurements between 0.1 µS/cm and 100 mS/cm. This is effective for monitoring cooling, swimming pool, sanitary, and drinking water, and in wastewater and effluents.

In addition to these integrated instruments, Swan Analytical Instruments offer separate sensors, transmitters, flow cells and cables for easy integration with existing instruments and systems.

Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

Dissolved oxygen is important in lakes and rivers to support fish and aquatic animals as well as aerobic bacteria, which help to decompose organic material. Fertilisers and other nutrient-rich contaminants can lead to a reduction in dissolved oxygen levels in the water.

The Oxysafe monitor from Swan Analytical Instruments features integrated temperature probes and dissolved oxygen sensors for determining the purity of effluents and potable water. The AMI Oxytrace enables the precise determination of dissolved oxygen found in trace amounts in high purity water.

The QA monitor can be configured for precise measurement of dissolved oxygen in quality assurance applications. As with the conductivity meters, Swan Analytical Instruments offer a full range of components including flow cells, sensors and transmitters for dissolved oxygen measurement.less


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