Heavy Forging and Tove Wrecking Bar Specialists

Svedbro Smide

Svedbro Smide manufactures TOVE crowbars, public furniture, Stalpen tree felling Jacks, battering ram and breaching tools for the police, the military and civil defense forces and also provides sub-contracting work in welding, forging and tempering. We also have an efficient workshop used for converting and restoring construction equipment, buckets, cranes, etc.

Tactical Breaching Tools

Since the 1940s we have been producing the original TOVE crowbar. With all the experience and know-how accumulated over that period we have developed a battery of breaching and rescue tools. Rescue High Jack The high Jack has been used to secure, support and stabilise in rescue situations in the forestry sector for 30 years. We now have a Rescue High Jack with a lot of different parts such as extending tubes, adapter crown, adapter U-hook, and movable base with ring for strap attachment and much more.more

Svedbro Smide also manufactures tactical bars, bolt cutters, a wooden door breaching tool, a steel door breaching tool as well as a tactical ram and a large ram.

The wooden door breaching tool is a double edged entry tool designed for wedging and breaching inward and outward opening wooden doors. The steel door breaching tool is designed to wedge open and breach heavily reinforced steel doors.

Heavy Forging

We have considerable experience and know-how in heavy forging and the manufacture of products for public spaces such as tree protection, forged metal fences, etc. Our entire production line is able to offer flexible and ingenious solutions.

Tove Wrecking Bar

The tove wrecking bar is made of specially alloyed spring steel. The overall bar is tempered for extra strength and is manufactured in five sizes. The key characteristics are extreme strength in relation to their length and low weight. In tests performed by the National Swedish Institute for Material Testing, the wrecking bars were found to withstand extreme strain without yielding.

Window Entry Tools

A break and rake is specifically engineered for window entry and is available with varying handle sizes to suit specific applications. A range of tool carry bags is also available to suit the breaching tools supplied. The chisel end and the nail claw end are both sharpened so the edges can easily be wedged behind ledges, planks and mouldings. Both the chisel end and the nail claw end are designed with broad surface to provide minimal damage and marring to the work area.less


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Svedbro Smide
45 Ostra Stationsvagen
820 77, Gnarp

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