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Supreme Group

Founded in 1957, Supreme Group is a global leader in the provision of end-to-end supply chain solutions. For more than fifty years the company has provided critical, life-sustaining services that empower clients to accomplish missions in challenging environments around the world. Today its legacy of proven and trusted performance in challenging environments spans more than fifty years; covering 30 nations across five continentmore

Supreme has a long history of supporting international organisations and governments. Its current clients include the United Nations (UN), the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and leading military forces including the US Department of Defense (DoD) and the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD). Over the years, the company has also partnered with many commercial clients.

The Group’s excellent reputation is built on the key strengths of delivering where others cannot; implementing rapid response solutions and creating fully integrated supply chain solutions. Supreme Group's portfolio of end-to-end supply chain solutions include;

  • Procurement
  • Transportation
  • Storage
  • Technology
  • Site Services
  • Fuel Supply
  • Food Supply
  • Retrograde/Redeployment

Procurement Specialist

Supreme locates, sources, and delivers supplies rapidly and reliably, at the most economical cost to clients. The Group's experienced procurement team sources materials and services to clients around the globe, utilising a network of suppliers that are committed to the highest standards of quality and compliance. The company's transparent and competitive tender process ensures clients receive the best ‘total cost of ownership' solution. Supreme's procurement specialisations include food (ambient, chilled and frozen); fuel (petroleum fuels and fuel additives); and technical supplies.

Transportation by Land, Sea and Air

Supreme Group develops customised transportation solutions over land, sea and air, to tackle complex transportation challenges in remote regions. The company has proven expertise in managing complex transportation challenges with confidence; ensuring goods and services arrive at a given destination rapidly and efficiently.

Supreme Group's comprehensive service portfolio includes multi-modal transportation, cross-docking operations, customs clearance and fleet management, with expertise in both aviation and ground transportation services. The Group has more then 10 years of experience as an inter-country and intra-country airlift services provider for NATO, the UN and the US Department of Defense, among others. In addition, the company has an integrated ground transportation network in 20 countries, and over 40 years experience of delivering logistics solutions in the world's most challenging regions, including; Afghanistan, Falkland Islands, Ivory Coast, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sudan, Oman, Macedonia, and Somalia among others.

Storage Facilities

Supreme has strategically located storage facilities around the world to enable rapid delivery of fuels, foods and dry goods to clients. Supreme operates more than 25 foodservice and dry goods storage warehouses in nine countries globally. The warehouses vary in capacity from 300 - 40,000 pallet spaces and feature special technology that helps to preserve food quality while reducing sanitation risks.

Supply Chain Technology

Supreme Group implements sophisticated supply chain systems using proprietary technologies to ensure quality, efficiency and compliance. The Group utilises a state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System, with a high level of process automation; providing complete traceability by batch, pallet and location. The company's vehicle and shipment tracking system is designed to meet the operational requirements of distribution in remote regions, as it offers real time information on the status of the shipment and vehicle movements, as well as alert reporting and division management.

Site Services

Supreme can clear, build, equip and maintain facilities in the most challenging environment, quickly and efficiently. The Group provides the infrastructure and life-sustaining support services that allow clients to focus on their core missions. Supreme Group's site services include;

  • Catering
  • Facilities Management
  • Retail Services
  • Hotels
  • Construction
  • Technical Services

Food Supply

From start to finish, Supreme manages the full food supply chain, from sourcing, transportation and storage, through to kitchen and dining room construction, food preparation and meal service. Menus are created to suit local tastes and preferences, and meals are prepared with the greatest attention to cultural and dietary requirements. The company serves an average of 40 million meals per year around the world.

Supreme Group operates the largest supply chain into Afghanistan at the peak of the military operation; providing food, water and supplies to around 250 locations within Afghanistan for up to 130,000 troops. Supreme Group offers rapid mobilisation to build, operate and maintain fully functional dining facilities, with strategically-located storage facilities, in order to rapidly deliver supplies to clients at all times. Supreme has expertise serving around 100,000 meals per day in 36 facilities across Afghanistan, Africa and Mongolia.

Proven Expertise;

  • Commenced food supply operations in 1957
  • Provision of food supply to UN Missions since the 1970s
  • Operation of the SPV Afghanistan contract since 2005
  • Sole food logistics provider for the UK MoD in international operations outside of the UK since 1997
  • Operation of the SPV Panama Contract since 2012

Fuel Supply

Supreme has proven expertise across the complete fuel supply chain - from the pipeline to the gas tank. The company is specialised in pipeline construction; multi-modal fuel transport systems; fuel testing laboratories; and complex refueling requirements.

  • Largest single provider of fuels to NATO in Afghanistan
  • 23 bulk fuel installations globally with total capacity of 87 million USG (330 million liters); in Afghanistan, Somalia and Guam
  • Fuel infrastructure includes: bulk fuel installations; rapid reaction bulk fuel distribution pods (air portable)
  • Stategic location of fuel infrastructure to enable rapid supply to forward refueling points in ‘hot zones' and live flight line operations
  • Global network of fuel storage facilities for fuel supply and distribution anywhere in the world
  • Total quality assurance program
  • Experience in delivering high-volume consignments and infrastructure support services

Proven Expertise:

  • Provision of fuel supply solutions in Afghanistan since 2006. Today Supreme is one of the leading suppliers of military grade, ground and aviation fuels in the country
  • Delivery of commercial aviation refueling services in Somalia 
  • Provision of fuel supply solutions in support of NATO operations in Kosovo 
  • Support of a UN mission in Somalia with fuel supply 
  • Fuel supply services in Sarajevo 
  • Provision of fuel supply for commercial contract in Guam 

Retrograde/Redeployment Solutions

Supreme provides expert, rapid and affordable retrograde solutions. The company's established supply chain network and proven expertise in operating alongside military forces means that it can manage even the most complex retrograde operation.

Consultancy Services: Supreme helps clients to navigate through the myriad environmental, financial and governmental regulations.

Transportation: Supreme utilises established networks over land and air to repatriate materials quickly and efficiently. The company can store, clean and consolidate goods to make the best use of the available space.

Space Available: Supreme offers available space on air transportation out of Afghanistan on a weekly basis.

Demilitarisation, Dismantling, Disposals (D3) Services: Supreme creates tailored solutions for clients; whether that is D3, repatriating, selling, scrapping, recycling or gifting.less


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