Measurement and Analysis of Magnetic and Electrical Field Signatures

STL Systems AG

STL Systems was founded by Drs. Christoph and Wolfgang Ludwig in Konstanz, Germany 1998.

STL specialises in solving complex and demanding measurement tasks, through the use of the most advanced technologies. STL has the combined experience of more than 50 years in the measurement and analysis of tiny magnetic and electrical field signatures and other parameters in the presence of huge background noise as well as complex field generation coil systems for simulation and compensation.more

The combination of ultra-precise digital data acquisition, system design and mathematical algorithms is used in deperming ranges and ship degaussing which is fundamentally the process of reducing the magnetic signature of the ship, therefore making the ship less detectable.

STL also develops technologies for calibration and quality assurance in food industry, automotive magnetic field sensors, health care (medical technologies), exploration (oil and gas), electrical precision measurement and general scientific purposes.

Mobile Measurement Ranges

Electric and Magnetic Measurement System

The Electric and Magnetic Measurement System (EMMS) provides an effective mobile solution for signature detection in mobile measurement ranges. The system supports three sensors (or more) linked by a single cable. The cable permits deployment and recovery of the sensors, whilst also providing a source of power and data transmission. The system supports the Differential Global Positioning System for tracking targets with a high level of spatial resolution. Additional sensors can be attached for detection of sound and pressure signatures, water temperature, conductivity, current and other environmental parameters.

Stationary Measurement Ranges

Harbour and Coast Protection

STL's harbour and coastal protection system enables 24/7 observation, monitoring and threat response in national waters and coasts. The system uses passive techniques to detect intruders by surface and subsurface measurements. This means potential invaders will not be aware that they are under observation, so naval staff can gain the element of surprise.


The Overrun Deperming and Measurement Range System (ODMS) reduces the magnetic signature of ships and submarines, making them more difficult to detect, identify and track. STL also supplies the complete sensor array, data acquisition system and control software for Earth Magnetic Field Simulators, which are typically installed in bays, river estuaries or artificial harbours.

Low-Field Magnetometers

The digital magnetometers of the DM Series offer high resolution ADC technology with 32 bit resolution and 26 bit dynamic range. The magnetometers use fluxgates as their magnetic sensitive elements, and have integrated DXS. Further highlights of the DM Series are very low noise, high linearity and a digital temperature compensation.


STL offer voltage digitizers in the form of picovoltmeters and nanovoltmeters for precise analogue to digital conversion with high stability and large dynamic range. Both instruments feature internal calibrations for precise outputs and a consistent signal transfer function, allowing precise post-processing of data.

Coil Systems

The STL coil systems are specifically designed to generate very large magnetic fields in 1 to 3 dimensions. The systems can be used for calibration, to compensate external fields, to generate specific magnetic fields, magnetic gradients etc. They are also highly customizable to meet particular needs of the customer.

Metal Detectors

STL also supply inductive metal detectors. The units contain a high-frequency field generator and a collection of probes, which return location-specific, spatially-resolved data for garbage sorting and recycling applications, allowing metal objects to be rapidly detected and sorted by activating valves to selectively discharge magnetic materials from a processing line.less

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