VHP Decontamination Systems, Surface Sterilisation, Disinfection

Steris Ltd

Steris provide a crucial service for specialists and researchers involved with medical devices, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, military and industrial technologies, helping to guard against contamination and infection.

Steris Ltd are a trusted associate for the pharmaceutical industry, with experience in:

* Offering successful solutions for combating contamination and infection * Developing and fine-tuning maintenance schedules to satisfy changing environments and safety requirements * Recruiting focussed professionals with a broad portfolio of skills for solving challenges and meeting new requirements * Initiating training programs to keep clients up to date with current safety, regulatory and technical developments.more

Process Cleaning Solutions

Steris offer process cleaning solutions for applications in biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturing. The company supply a broad range of detergents and equipment washing systems for manual, clean-in-place and clean-out-of-place cleaning.

Steris cleaning solutions are cost-effective, reliable and environmentally friendly. Steris offer a broad range of alkaline, acidic and neutral detergents, as well as expert advice on choosing the best detergent for your needs. Steris also supply GMP-compliant washing equipment ranging from rack and cage washers to glassware washers and dryers.

VHP Decontamination Systems

Steris supply validated VHP Decontamination systems for the effective sterilisation of freeze-dryers, restricted access barriers, sterile filling lines, and many other applications. VHP decontaminations are an eco-friendly, non-toxic solution for laboratory sterilisation, protecting against a broad spectrum of infections. Steris offer a complete decontamination system training programme and comprehensive validation service.

Steris's range of vaporised hydrogen peroxide decontamination systems include both integrated and mobile solutions for decontamination of enclosed spaces ranging from 70 to 10,000 square feet in volume. Steris also supply Vaprox sterilant - a hydrogen peroxide solution for use in VHP® generators. Steris also offer the Steraffirm VHP process indicator for monitoring of VHP decontamination, which turns yellow in the presence of hydrogen peroxide vapor, as well as turnkey biodecontamination solutions.

Surface Sterilisation / Disinfection

Steris stock a broad catalog of cleaning chemicals for surface sterilisation and disinfection. Complimenting their cleaning solutions, Steris offer experienced support services to help find the right solution for every application, ensuring ongoing compliance with strict laboratory standards. A choice of sterile, non-sterile, acidic, alkaline and germicidal disinfectants are available for use on various surfaces in a range of environments. Steris supply sporicides and sterilants for effective microbial control. Isopropanol alcohol disinfectants are also available, suitable for residue removal and decontamination of gloves. These volatile alcohol solutions evaporate quickly and completely, allowing them to be used on a range of delicate surfaces.less


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