Military Winches for Trucks and Armored Vehicles


Starter is a manufacturer of military hydraulic and electrical winches for trucks and vehicles, including armored and special vehicles. Established in 1971, we have developed a range of high-level recovery winches dedicated to military applications that are used around the world.

STARTER's Engineering Know-How

Our design department lies in the deep knowledge of the military automotive industry. Our dedicated engineers design custom-built solutions and specialize in product conception and project management.more

Our know-how as integrator of winching solutions guarantees our perfect mastery of all the steps required for the winching solution integration on your vehicle.

From the analysis of your needs to the changes on the vehicle, through to the definition of your technical specification, the STARTER teams guide you in order to find the solution that is best suited to your needs.

STARTER's Military Winches

Our range of military hydraulic and electrical winches for difficult environments have forces ranging from 0kN to 70kN and can be mounted on the side, rear, front, inside the chassis, behind the cabin, etc. of the vehicle.

Front & Rear Mount Winch DRAKAR

Hydraulic & Electric winches solution with traction force ranging from from 0 to 10kN

The DRAKAR range offers a cost efficient construction integrating reliable components.

DRAKAR range main characteristics:

  • Pulling application.
  • Orbital hydraulic motor.
  • Automatic negative multidisc brake automatically operated by brake valve. 
  • Oil bath lubricated planetary gearbox.
  • Manual or air clutch disengage in standard.

Side Mount Winch ATLAS L

Hydraulic winches solution with traction force ranging from 6 to 20kN. The ATLAS L has a compact design allowing front and rear rope escape. All hydraulic components are hidden and protected.

ATLAS L range main characteristics:

  • Designed for lateral mount on chassis frame side rail
  • Orbital hydraulic motor
  • planetary gear reduction units running in oil bath
  • Negative multi disc brake

Rear Cabin Mount Winch ATLAS P

Hydraulic winches solution with traction force ranging from 6 to 30kN. The ATLAS P is a very compact winch, which has been specially designed to be integrated on booms or limited spaces on armored vehicles and trucks.

ATLAS P range main characteristics:

• Specially designed for a front, rear or boom mounting.• Planetary gearbox oil bath lubricated.• Orbital hydraulic motor.• Negative hydraulic multi-disk brake.

Twin Winch

Hydraulic winches solution with traction force ranging from 10 to 70kN. The Twin-Winch solution is a complete hydraulic winch system specially designed to be fitted at the rear cabin of recovery Trucks.

Twin winch main characteristics:

Hydraulic Unit

Fully equipped hydraulic unit.Oil tank, hoses, pump, control valves, etc. Mechanical accessories:

Spare wheel support with hoist of 300 daN.Access Ladder. Winch:

Orbital hydraulic motor.Planetary gearbox oil bath lubricated.Negative hydraulic multi-disk brake.Heavy duty pressure roller.Military Roller Fairleads. Chassis:

Bolted and welded heavy duty compact chassis.Lifting rings.less


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