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ST Kinetics

Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd (ST Kinetics) is the land systems and specialty vehicles arm of Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd (ST Engineering). We are one of Asia’s leading defence and specialty vehicles companies, with a strong portfolio of products and services for the defence, homeland security and commercial markets. Our capabilities include the design and development, systems integration, production, operations & support and through life management.more

We provide innovative and cutting edge defence products and is the world’s leading 40mm solutions provider offering the most comprehensive range of 40mm weapons and ammunition ranging from High Velocity, Low Velocity Extended Range, Low Velocity, Less Than Lethal to Special Purpose.

40mm High Velocity Ammunition

ST Kinetics has a wide range of 40mm High Velocity ammunition for operations and training.

The HV ammunition are compatible with existing automatic grenade launchers like CIS40AGL, MK19 Mod 3 and H&K GMG. Operational ammunition include the HEDP S411, HEDP-SD S413, HE S412, HE-SD S427 and training ammunition include TP-T S415A, TP S416A, TPM S422, TPT-M S423, F&B S429.

40mm Low Velocity Ammunition

ST Kinetics’ 40mm low velocity family of ammunition provides the best existing medium to deliver various types of payloads and effects. ST Kinetics is able to equip the infantry squad with a comprehensive range of 40mm ammunition, incorporating advanced technologies, for operations, training, urban engagements, riot control and surveillance which are compatible with existing grenade launchers like CIS 40GL, M203, HK69, M79 and AG36. Rounds used for operations range from HE to HEDP-SD, EBIX (Enhanced Blast Insensitive Explosive), Illuminating and Smoke; those for training are TP and TPT; and those for surveillance are SPARCS. The 40mm LV Family also includes Less-Than-Lethal ammunition like Impulse, Multi Pellet, Sound & Flash and Riot Aerial Marker (RAM).

40mm Low Velocity Extended Range Ammunition

ST Kinetics has just introduced the 40mm Low Velocity Extended Range Ammunition (LV ER) in 2010, following the success of its 40mm High Velocity and Low Velocity Ammunition in the international market. It has a flatter trajectory, 30% shorter flight time and 50% longer range as compared to traditional Low Velocity munitions. As a result, the hit probability and accuracy of the LV ER ammunition is greatly improved. This will also enhance the effectiveness of the combat troops in urban warfare. It is fully compatible with existing grenade launchers without the need for modification, except for the sighting system.

Bronco ATTC

The Bronco All Terrain Tracked Carrier, a key product of ST Kinetics, is a tracked vehicle with twin modules, joined by an articulated steering unit. The Bronco is a highly mobile vehicle that can traverse varied terrains including soft ground, snow, swamps and inland waters. It has an unsurpassed payload of 5 tonnes, enabling it to be used for many roles. Variants include troop carrier, command, recovery, ambulance, logistics, reconnaissance, 120mm mortar, technical support and others. A modified version, with better protection, was purchased by the UK MoD for their operations in Afghanistan.less


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