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SSZ Camouflage

A leader in its field, SSZ Camouflage Technology AG is an independent development, service and distribution company in Switzerland that specialises in the safeguarding of personnel and physical assets against all forms of external danger. SSZ Camouflage Technology AG was founded in 1993 based in the heart of Switzerland, in Zug.

The company is specialises in multispectral camouflage. Its products are specially developed to help prevent target detection by state-of-the-art sensors in all relevant spectral ranges. The products are tailored to the requirements of the customer and adaptable to local conditions. Our expertise and activities cover the following broad tasks:more

  • IRBD thermal infrared battle dress
  • MMCC mobile camouflage cover 
- MSCN static 2 and 3-dimensional camouflage net
  • MCS camouflage net combined with inflatable membrane

Infrared Camouflage

IRBD Thermal Infrared Battle Dress (pat. pend.)A lightweight battle dress uniform that is indistinguishable from conventional battle dress in terms of its appearance, yet which exhibits a reduced thermal infrared signature due to its special coating and construction.

The infrared camouflage battle dress is breathable and does not hamper physical activity. It is also compatible for use in urban environment.

The IRBD is fashioned from a lightweight, hardwearing polyester fabric. Its thermal infrared properties are achieved through use of a special, very light textile that is bonded to the backing fabric. The material can also be enhanced through application of a water-repellent membrane.

Mobile Camouflage

MMCC Mobile Camouflage CoverApplication of a thermal camouflage cover reduces the required power of air conditioning under different speed conditions by a factor 4 to 10 for desert environment (NATO classification A1).

At the same time using RADAR absorbing material as insulating material, the tank can be effectively protected against intelligent ammunition with mmW-seeker head. Furthermore special attention is paid to usage and durability. The camouflage does not hinder the maneuverability, use of the weapons and access to the accessories, handles etc.

The covers are specifically tailored to any vehicles and therefore grant access to accessories and handles on the surface of the vehicle. The cover is made of multiple elements each of them is designed to a specific part of the vehicle.  Therefore the covers can be easily removed for servicing the vehicles. Typical mounting time for a crew of 3 soldiers is ca. 20 minutes.

Multispectral Camouflage

MSCN Static 2-dimensional Camouflage Net (patented)The multispectral camouflage nets are based on a multilayer coated polymer fabric. The patented coating of the fabric effects the reduction of signature in the multispectral range (radar and thermal infrared). The manufactured material can be printed in accordance with specific customer and application requirements so as to also achieve an optimal camouflage effect in the visual range.

The textile characteristics of the coated fabric such as temperature stability, adhesion of the coating, fire resistance and water repellence are absolute state-of-the art. The chemicals used to achieve flame retardancy comply with recommendations made by the WHO.

The net has a total weight of approx. 140 g/m², making it one of the lightest and most advanced camouflage textiles on the market. This new camouflage net is optimally designed for the camouflage of objects at short notice, but also for use in the personal protection of soldiers.

MSCN Static 3-dimensional Camouflage NetThe multispectral camouflage nets are based on a multilayer coated textile fabric whereby each coating layer is dedicated to counter the reconnaissance sensors in a specific wavelength range. This fabric is incised with a customer specific pattern and clipped onto a carrier net. The carrier net only has structural but no camouflaging function. Camouflage effectiveness is based on the combined characteristics of the fabric and the incision geometry only.

The textile characteristics of the coated fabric like temperature stability, adhesion of the coating, water repellence and water uptake can be rated as very good. Flame retardant and biocide agents are implement in the coating as well. The flame retardants used are in accordance with the recommendations by the WHO.

The total weight of approx. 270 g/m2 corresponds well with usual requirements. Also at lower temperatures the fabric shows no tendency to get stiffer. Different kinds of base nets can be offered, including fine meshes which make the camouflage net non-snagging.

Rapid Deployment Camouflage

MCS Camouflage Net combined with Inflatable MembraneAn inflatable membrane construction is designed to provide rapid deplopyment camouflage covers for large vehicles, helicopters and combat vehicles by 2 or maximum 4 soldiers within minutes.

The membrane and the camouflage net are firmly fixed to each other and combined in a single package. Only this package must be unloaded from the vehicle and the blower which is included in the package connected to the battery of the vehicle. Within 10 minutes the construction will be erected by inflating. Help is needed only by 2 - 3 soldiers put it in position. Once erected, the construction will be in position without re-inflating for min, 12 hours. The camouflage net which is attached to the membrane is such construed, that the vehicle my drive in or leave the ‘hangar’ any time.less


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