Interview With Sovereign Partners MD Danny Feldman

Sovereign Partners

1: Who are Sovereign Partners?

Sovereign Partners are a leading distributor of coffee packaging and other products in the food-to-go market. The paper cup and drinking lid combo may now be a common sight but they were one of the companies who introduced this popular take away combination to the European markets.

2: Where are their clients based?

Primarily a lot of Sovereign’s business is UK based but there is still a significant export market, especially across Europe and the Middle East. Their global reach extends as far as working with companies in South Africa and Australia, so the penetration of the company is deep. London is particularly notable for being the biggest market in Europe for coffee and food-to-go industries, where Sovereign is very well established.

3: What particular businesses do they serve?

Sovereign Partners primarily supply high street coffee shops as well as delis, food-to-go businesses as well as general shops that require food packaging.

4: What are the advantages their packaging offers customers?

Packaging a food product effectively is an essential element to the businesses they service, meaning that Sovereign has a strong basis in attractive packaging that offers luxury at competitive prices along with reliable service and exclusivity. Sovereign researches packaging innovations to ensure that they have exclusivity regarding certain designs, meaning that the customer benefits from that exclusivity within their business.

5: What are important considerations when producing food packaging?

Sovereign Partners prioritise quality presentation, cost, convenience, environmental impact and ease of use for the consumer.

6: Which is their most popular range?

Sovereign introduced the VIP cup in 2013 and the cup is already the biggest selling cup in their range. These paper cups offer ribbed heat protection for the user and a luxury feel at a competitive price.

Their clear plastic dessert pots are also a popular option. Whilst most commonly used for desserts ordered to go, they are also suitable for fruit salads and other food options, making them a versatile packaging option for businesses.

7: What sets Sovereign Partners apart from competitors in the field?

As well as exclusive products that benefit their clients, Sovereign also offer services that give companies a unique way of introducing themselves to their packaging products. Sovereign’s central London showroom allows for businesses to browse and take away packaging samples, allowing companies to make the most educated purchasing decision.

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