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Southern Africa Projects Consulting Agency (Pty) Ltd

Southern Africa Projects Consulting Agency (Pty) Ltd was established in 2009. Our Specialty lies in EPFC (Engineering, Procurement, Financing and Construction), we also specialize in Transportation, and Construction and Development projects. We provide additional services that include but are not limited to the following: Direct Mining Solutions (including crushing and screening) of various products (coal, iron ore, manganese, copper, etc.); Direct Exports; Transport and Logistics of goods; Construction Development Projects; Power projects including Hydro Power Stations and Coal fired Power Stations; Water Sanitation and Filtration Systems, Solar Energy and renewable energy projects like LED and Solar Panel manufacture are part of our interests.more

Our clients include Governmental bodies, National Provinces, private companies and fuel and mine exploration companies

Our contracted staff is extensively trained and is highly qualified professionals who are eager to meet customer demand. Our Expat staff that we utilize through our Alliance Network is considered BEST in industry or within the TOP TEN companies with recognized certificates of excellence and international standard compliance certification.We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products and service for our customers. The current demand for coal, iron ore, manganese copper, gold and other rare earth commodities in general as an example, is increasing and Southern Africa Projects Consulting Agency (Pty) Ltd Mining division is structured properly and is well positioned to embrace the opportunity that is here for us. We mine, supply, transport and deliver products to our existing customers and are actively pursuing additional customers as well. We expect our reputation to grow as we maintain the highest customer service standards possible, with integrity and ethical procedures.

We have off take agreements with our Joint Venture partners and customers that extend for 15 years, with extensions and renewals for longer, upon mutual agreement. In order to meet the demands of our customers, (in addition to these customers we are in discussions with other Sovereign States to supply their national grids with products like coal and iron ore, etc.), Southern Africa Projects Consulting Agency (Pty) Ltd has identified the need to develop local harbors to increase their capacity, as soon as possible. To ensure that we are able to meet the requirements of our customers, we are in discussions at the highest levels and have had progressive meetings with principals to improve these existing harbors.

Our intention has been to expand these harbors and other land side bottlenecks without funding recourse from the Governments, and by going through existing Governmental funding and ministerial incentives (eg: Housing, Power, Agriculture, Tourism, Public Works programs, Health and other national key points), we are able to provide workable solutions that are cost effective, sustainable and beneficial to the communities (the absolute humanitarian requirement). This obviously takes time and has massive constraints on operations and costs. As such we have selective private funding partners, and investors, who will provide Southern Africa Projects Consulting Agency (Pty) Ltd with our own funding facilities that meet our funding requirements.

We have entered in JOINT VENTURE AGREEMENTS initially with Project Management Companies, Design companies, engineering companies and with international banks, with outstanding international reputation on performance, as well as a FUNDING partners based in the USA and Europe, that will provided FUNDING for Infrastructure Development and Humanitarian Projects for any country that requires these types of projects (subject to the countries credit ratings and political stability) , as well as with LOCAL CITIZENS that are adding value and commitment from MINISTERIAL LEVEL to the local beneficiaries, ensuring easy transition from PLAN TO PROJECT less


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Southern Africa Projects Consulting Agency (Pty) Ltd
blueberry street
2001, Honeydew
South Africa

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