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Marine Industry

Propeller Shafts, Intermediate Shafts, Rudder Stocks, Engine Components, Door Hatches, Anchor Shanks, Hull Penetrators, Torque Tubes, Sea Water Bends, Actuators, Manifold Blocks, Support Rings, Stabilizers, Weapon Parts, Thrust Shafts, Gear Housings, Actuator Arms, Tiller Pins, Locking Dowels, Steering & Diving Gear


 Aerospace Industry 

Injector Plates, Thrust Cones, Engine Pick Up Blocks, Landing Components, Transmission Forgings, Chamber Forgings, Planetary Forgings, Shafts, Spinners, Turbine Disks, Interfaces, Valves, Nozzles, Fuel Sumps, Gear Blanks, Connectors, Propeller Hubs, Track Rib Forgings, Pinion Forgings, Domes, Ring Gears, Liners, Engine Mounts, Bearing Housing, Compressor Rings, Flanges, Closures, Swashplates


Nuclear  Industry

Pumps, Pumps Shafts, Flanges, Gears, Tubes, Cylinders, Divertor Plates, Connectors, Stator End Cap, Crane, Rings, Bearing Housings, Discs, Tees & Bends, Waste Flasks, Shell Strakes, Transition Cones, Pressure Components, Lifting Pin Tools, Lifting Trunnions, Drilling Block, Steam Drumshell, Steam Drumhead, HSG Shell, Secondary Drumhead, RPV Support Skirt, RPV Beltline, RPV Upper Shell, NSP, Primary Head, Pressuriser Mounting Skirt, Pressuriser Upper Shell, Pressuriser Upper Head, Prolongation Ring


Oil & Gas Industry

Mud Pump Blocks, X-mas Trees, Valve Bodies, Down Hole Tools, Drill Heads, Turbine Shafts, Blowout Preventer, Y – Block, Hangers, Contoured Rings, Inlet Stub Shafts, Stress Joints, Pinions, Bull Gears, Tension Rings, Flanges, Tees, Well Head Equipment, Blade Stabilizers, Mooring Connectors


Defence Industry

Howitzer Components, Engine pick up blocks, Full Shaft Lines, Access Cones, Breach Blocks, Door Actuator Parts, Re- coil equipment, Dome, Steering Gear Keys, Gun Barrels, Bulk Head, Sea Water Bends, Handling System


Power Generation Industry

Generator Shafts, Discs, Pole Shafts, Rota Shafts, Turbine Shafts, Rings, Torque Tubes, Low Speed Shafts, Main Shafts, Hubs, Couplings, Blades & Buckets, Valve Bodies, Transition Cones, Input/Output Shafts, Underwater Turbines


Mining Industry

Crusher Shafts, Hydraulic Cylinders, Rims, Spindles, Sleeves, Gears, Drill Heads, Gear shaft & Pinions, Pancake Forgings, Pinion Blanks, Bucket Wheel Shafts, Walking Dragline Components including Roller Rails and Walk Shafts.


Gear Box Industry

Gear Shafts, Pinion Shafts, Racks, Double Hubs, Rails, Gear Housing, Couplings, Support Rings, Flanges, Bars, Spindles, Step Down, Gear Wheel Blanks


Paper Making Machinery Industry

Swimming Rolls, Calendar Rolls, Journals, Corrugated Rolls


Rail Industry

Connecting Rod, Big End Straps, Manifold Blocks, Roller Rails, Pinions


Food Processing

Sugar Mill Rolls, Crusher shafts, Mixer Blocks


General Engineering Industry

Hydraulic Cylinders, Compressor Shafts, Fan Shafts, Mounting Bells, Flanges, Gears, Couplings, Spindles, Drive Shafts, Pump Shafts, Mandrel, Shafts, Crane Wheels, Extrusion Containers, Reducers Rock Breaking Chisel

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