What is Open Die Forging?

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What is Open Die Forging?

Open die Forging is the shaping of heated metal between a top and bottom die using force. The term open die comes from the work piece not being enclosed.  With each continuous strike of the metal it is gradually shaped to the required dimensions increasing the strength and grain structure.  Items are manipulated at high temperatures normally ranging from 1200 -1280 degrees centigrade.  The process of open die forging means that it is not capable to form high precision parts from just the forging process alone. Therefore, the machining of products after forging is often required to achieve the desired detailed finish. Our precision forging equipment is capable of forging close tolerances to minimise the amount of machining required on a finished part.

Closed die forging has dies which are specifically shaped to the desired configuration, resulting in high costs to make the tool mould before adding on the forging cost itself. The open die forge does not enclose the metal completely and therefore allows different dimensions to be created with greater properties/scope unbeatable grain structure.

 WHAT TYPES OF APPLICATIONS ARE BEST SUITED TO OPEN DIE FORGING?Open die forging is best suited to large pieces used for short runs. These mostly consist of forged bars, blocks, shafts, cylinders, discs, hubs, flanges and custom forged shapes. Most popular applications are often single runs or bespoke designed items.


WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF OPEN DIE FORGING OVER CLOSED DIE?The biggest advantage of closed die forgings is the incredible strength, creating hard wearing products with excellent surface finish.

Bespoke short runsImproved microstructureGreater strengthBetter fatigue resistance increasing the lifespanFiner grain sizeShaping reduces the voidsMore economicalLess material waste

OPEN DIE FORGINGS MATERIALSWe forge a large range of materials including:

Carbon steelAlloy steelStainless SteelInconelTitaniumTool steelAluminiumCopperNickelBronzeFor further information or for a quotation on open die forging today, contact  us by calling 0121 585 5959 or filling out our online enquiry form.



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