Modernising Air Traffic Management with Open Standards

Snowflake Software Ltd

Snowflake Software is a leading provider of solutions and expertise to enable interoperable data exchange of AIM data based on open standards. Our products and services enable organisations to Load, Manage, Publish, Visualise and Share AIM data models, such as AIXM and WXXM.

We have built our reputation in the aviation data market playing a leading role in the FAA/EUROCONTROL sponsored Open Geospatial Consortium Open Web Services testbeds. A proving ground for re-using existing OGC standards with ATM, we have demonstrated that our products and expertise are capable of facilitating the interoperable data exchange of ATM data.more

Next Generation AIM Data Management

Our solution is unique in that we provide an open standards data services layer which is loosely coupled from your AIM applications. This ‘decoupled' approach is aligned with the goals of SWIM and enables you to choose a best of breed architecture without vendor lock in. Importantly our solution can interoperate with your existing database or we can generate a new data model based on the latest exchange model standards such as AIXM. Use our products as a complete AIM solution or use them standalone to perform separate functions.

Load & Manage AIM Data Models (e.g AIXM, WXXM, FIXM)

GO Loader Aviation is the digital ATM database tool for loading and managing the next generation of AIM data exchange standards. GO Loader is capable of loading and managing any AIM exchange model, including AIXM, WXXM, FIXM and Digital NOTAMs, into your existing AIM datastore.

Our approach with GO Loader is a generic one, we've developed unique ‘schema aware‘ technology which adapts itself to any of your exchange models. New releases or bespoke extensions - our customers have found this particularly powerful when managing different versions of AIXM and AIXM extensions.

For more information on Snowflake Software's GO Loader for Aeronautical Information Management, please click here.

Publish, Visualise & Share AIM Data Models (e.g AIXM, WXXM, FIXM)

To complete the net-centric data exchange goals of SWIM you need to be able to publish data from your database as well as load data into it. GO Publisher is a web services solution enabling you to publish all the ATM exchange models without writing software or changing existing infrastructure. You can use GO Publisher to deliver your data in all the ATM exchange models, including as AIXM5, AIXM5.1, Digital NOTAM, WXXM, FIXM and AMXM.

Using unique ‘schema aware' mapping technology (capable of publishing to new or existing ATM exchange models) you can build your next generation ATM services on existing infrastructure and maximise investment return.

For further details on Snowflake Software's GO Publisher for Aeronautical Information Management, click hereless.


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