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Runway Cleaning & Rubber Removal

The innovative Runway Cleaner, type: “ARC 1000” meets new standards and removes the rubber from runways (“touch-down zones”) by means of UHP water (ultra high pressure) up to 2,500 bar (36,000 psi) and a parallel working suction device. Because all parameters as working pressure, rotation of nozzle bar, distance between nozzle and surface, working speed and flow volume can be set individually and all required results can be reached without harming the runway surface, whether asphalt or concrete.more

ARC 1000 solves this conundrum using a wheel mounted, high pressure cleaning head with a diameter of 1,000 millimetres. Located between the vehicle’s first and second axles, the cleaning head uses high pressure water to remove rubber deposits. The removed rubber and excess water are then completely withdrawn by suction and stored in the vehicle’s on-board storage tank. The driver is able to monitor continuously the cleaning process from his cab via a camera mounted behind the cleaning head.

The ARC 1000 features a number of engineering highlights. The heart of the vehicle is a 140 kW high pressure pump, capable with a flow rate up to 29 litres/minute at a maximum working pressure of 2,500 bar.

The vehicle is equipped with a stepless hydraulic transmission for exceptionally smooth performance at operating speeds between 0.5 and 6.5 km/h.

Runway Maintenance Services

For customers who are not interested in investing a runway cleaning unit, SMETS Technology along with local partners and representatives are offering worldwide runway maintenance services under long-term contracts with airport authorities.

Sweeping and Cleaning Vehicles

Beside the runway cleaner SMETS Technology, together with partners, offers a wide range of trucks and cleaning vehicles including:

  • Sewer Cleaning Trucks
  • Combined Sewer Cleaning-Trucks
  • Vacuum Trucks
  • High Pressure Cleaning Trucks for contractors and/or industry
  • Well Cleaning Trucks
  • Sewer and Well Inspection Systems (Mobile or built-in versions for vans/ trucks)
  • Garbage Trucks
  • Container Trucks
  • Road Sweepers
  • Road Washing Machines
  • Line Stripping, removing of road markings

Sewer Cleaning Trucks

Our sewer clearing trucks (just high pressure or combined high pressure and vacuum) are built in a modern design. All aggregates such as high pressure pump, vacuum pump and hydraulic circuits are all driven hydraulically and powered by two PTOs (power take off) installed at the truck’s gear.

Tank volumes from 3 to 14 m3 are available as well as “water recycling systems”. SMETS Technology designed and developed a “winter heating system”, which allows running the trucks with ambient temperatures up to - 25°C. We use the exhaust gases to heat the water. They are led through an installed heat exchanger which is installed in the water compartment. A circulating pump pumps the water through the whole installation, i.e. filters, pump, hoses and valves.

Until today our first delivered trucks (Iasi, Romania) have operated more than 28,000 hours without any unexpected break (shutdown).

The trucks are designed and built together with a partner company in Austria or with our joint venture company in Romania.

High Pressure Water Equipment

SMETS Technology designs tailor-made trucks for their customers and for different industrial applications. High pressure water pumps from 100 to 550 kW and operating pressure from 100 to 3,500 bar, driven by separate diesel engines or by the PTO of the truck’s gear are installed on the truck into temperature and soundproof box bodies (van bodies). If required booster pumps, storage water tanks (stainless steel), compressors, lockable storage rooms and working benches can be implemented into the body.

Well Cleaning Equipment

SMETS Technology developed a combined truck for cleaning and inspecting water wells for horizontal and vertical applications up to a depth of 300 m. The well cleaning equipment uses high pressure water (100 – 300 bar) without any chemicals. Rotating nozzles have been developed which guarantee a sufficient result. During the cleaning process the water is pumped with all debris into the open.

Before and after cleaning, the well is inspected with a rotating and swivelling colour camera, equipped with a zoom. All dates (video picture, comments, pictures, etc.) can be stored onto a hard disk or a CD.

This combined truck is unique worldwide. The end-user safes a lot of money as all necessary equipments are built onto one truck.

Garbage Trucks: Compactor and Rotating Drum

SMETS Technology supplies two kinds of garbage trucks: rotating drums and compactors.

The sizes of the garbage compartments can be offered on customer request from 4 to 14 m3. All kind of truck chassis can be used.

Road Sweepers and Road Washing Machines

SMETS Technology supplies professional road sweepers and road washing machines in nearly all configurations customers may request. The waste compartment can be of the following sizes: 3 to 12 m3.

The sweeping width can be offered from 1.8 to 4.2 m. The drives of all aggregates can be done from the truck’s PTO or by separate diesel engines.

Road washing can be an option for all our sweeping machines or can be built separate on a one truck chassis. Surface or road washers can be offered in versions from 100 up to 500 bar and with or without water recycling.less


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