Since its inception, SkyVisual has become the industry standard Human-Machine Interface since being approved by ATCOs. SkyVisual is renowned for being fully operational for ACCs, Approaches and Towers, making it a versatile HMI solution for ATCOs.

SkyVisual by SkySoft

HMI Systems Developed With Air Traffic Control Professionals

Through listening to the demands of ATCOs, SkySoft developed the SkyVisual solution to offer an ergonomic, swift-response system with easy and intuitive access to data. Key functions demanded by ATCOs, which are offered by the SkyVisual system include transparent windows, multi-measurement vectors and double zooming. Other considerations such as flexible graphic tools, data linkage and cost drive ATCOs to demand permanent improvements to their HMI system from a common basis.

SkyVisual by SkySoft

The benefits of using the SkyVisual system are numerous. Because SkyVisual was developed specifically for the ATCOs who use it, SkyVisual is a user-centric HMI. By removing all non-functional tools, SkySoft have developed technology which offers natural adoption and cost efficiency.

Furthermore, because of the smooth introduction of new technology and intuitive nature of the design, users need only limited training before becoming competent in using the technology.

SkyVisual System for ATCOs

By using standardised off-the-shelf hardware, the SkyVisual system is simple to integrate into existing ATC equipment. Furthermore, standardised hardware ensures limited cost, open architecture , high performance and easy maintenance. This also ensures and rapid start-up and fast, accurate ATCO analysis as well as low memory and CPU usage to make sure that all system run at an optimum speed. Although using standardised hardware fine tuning options in the operational systems offers comprehensive adaption to local airspaces ensuring worthwhile ROI.

The main features of the SkyVisual HMI are:

  • Off-line configuration and data distribution tools
  • Direct access and update to flight plan information
  • Multi-layer map display and multiple map formats
  • Unlimited personalized setups available for each user
  • Dynamic airspace management display
  • Single-click logic menus
  • Route display projection and sniffer system
  • Weather display
  • Label anti-overlap automatic system
  • Printing capability from any CWPs
  • Gonio Flight Direction Finder
  • On-line drawing capability
  • Automatic display of the next frequency
  • Unit convert tool (nm, knots, feet...)
  • Fast complete system start-up and initialization
  • Windows transparency
  • Multi-secondary windows available
  • Multi-zoom capability
  • Unlimited number of measurement vectors simultaneously used
  • Optimized display of safety net results (STCA, customized MSAW)

For more information about how the SkyVisual HMI can benefit your Air Traffic Control situation, contact SkySoft through the form below.

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