SkyServer ATC Solution


SkyServer by SkySoft is a central data processing solution for the ATC market. Offering a combination of a range of Air Traffic Control Officer's working rules, ATC automation becomes a natural process and through automated conflict detection and resolution, excellent capacity improvements become achievable.

Data Processing for Air Traffic Control

As air traffic control systems becomes increasingly integrated, the main task has developed into the transformation of multi-source data to ATCO ATC knowledge. Operational ATC systems require periodical developments requiring flexible and forward-looking solutions. By offering smooth and accurate flow management tools, and reduced ATCO tasks, SkyServer allow synthetic information to be efficiently shared throughout ATC ATCOs using silent, real-time solutions.

SkySoft's commercial off-the-shelf solution offers a range of benefits to the purchaser and the end-user. By using elements of COTS standard hardware such as the innovation accelerator, a short time to market is guaranteed. Furthermore, easy maintenance and open architecture ensure low cost to performance ratio.

ATCO Driven Data Processing

SkyServer offers a real ATCO driven system, including functions providing genuine added value to the end-user. This functionality includes elements allowing for natural adoption into existing systems, requiring limited training and smooth integration. Furthermore, SkyServer's total flexibility ensures that the programme can be adapted to meet developing needs, ensuring that the solution will offer long-lasting effectiveness. Also, by offering a customisable interface, the SkyServer system can be adapted to best meet needs as they evolve and change.

SkyServer offers a range of benefits over older systems including:

  • Rapid Start-up
  • ATC Reactivity
  • Immediate ATCO Analysis
  • Rapid Maintenance
  • Automatic Information Transmission
  • Low memory/CPU usage

For more information on how the SkyServer can help streamline your ATC programme please contact SkySoft using the form below.

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