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FlyOPS and SkySoft-ATM Reveal Innovative SATCOM Link for Aviation and Tactical Communications


The cooperation between SkySoft-ATM, leader in Europe for air traffic management software solutions, and FlyOPS, a ground-ops specialist and special flights supervisor (military, VIPs, etc.), leads to the market delivery of the first inboard modem providing an in-flight interconnected multichannel package for telecommunication and aircraft global positioning (the Airmod).

The Airmod compact SATCOM/GSM/VHF interconnexion device provides its user with a global multichannel coverage that includes a proprietary data encryption ensuring a higher level of security and of confidentiality.

The Airmod is a fully portable and fully configurable device that provides real-time global positioning service and a multichannel package for various telecommunication applications in military and civil environments:

  • Communication services and aeronautical information for the aviation (data and voice);
  • Global positioning for any aircraft type, land vehicles, ships, or personnel and automated data transmission;
  • Military tactical telecommunications and telecommunications for rescue and safety operations;
  • UAV identification and positioning and communication with UAVs.

For FlyOPS’ general manager, Xavier Joussaume, this cooperation with the Swiss firm SkySoft-ATM is “an opportunity to bring together a technological innovation and the know-how of a reputed player in the field of aviation navigation and in particular of civil and military air traffic management”.

For Didier Berling, Skysoft-ATM’s deputy chief executive officer, the “DNA of the two companies perfectly matches and we look forward to a very efficient cooperation based on very complementary know-how and technologies. Our passion for aviation and safety brings us together”.

The commercialisation of Airmod is expected end 2015.

FlyOPS has been involved since for several years as ground-ops supervisor for business and general aviation, providing logistical support, flight supervision services and the organisation of special flights (technical flights, military, rescue, VIPs, etc.).

A subsidiary of SkyGuide, the entity that is in charge of air traffic management for Switzerland, SkySoft-ATM has been developing and providing innovative air traffic management solutions for the last 15 years.

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