Air Traffic Management Solutions


SkySoft-ATM rethinks traditional Air Traffic Management with a new generation of ATM solutions, which take a more lucid and innovative approach. SkySoft-ATM's mission is to deliver unique concrete solutions to the global air traffic control market and address the challenges facing airports in the twenty-first century.

ATM solutions are delivered with an emphasis on personalisation and user-friendliness, aspiring to combine technical eloquence with the best human performance. With great knowledge and experience in ATC and air navigation, the company develop custom systems based on a modular architecture, building a solution that corresponds to client needs in a timely manner.more

Air Traffic Management Solutions


SkyVisual lifts ATC workers out of clumsy HMIs and into a new generation intuitive air traffic management interface. SkyVisual is ideally suited for Towers, Approaches and Area Control Centres. As the HMI is the primary visual element of any ATC solution, it is essential that controllers have the clearest overview of operations and access to real time data. SkyVisual delivers flexibility in air traffic management, offering a highly responsive interface and ergonomic recommendations set down by the European Air Traffic Management Programme. Its streamline design helps keep the mind of controllers calm and clear, enhancing safety and tactical decision making.


SkyServer is your core ATC data processing system. Working at the centre of your Air Traffic Management System, SkySever integrates with the vast array of rules originating from Air Traffic Control Officers to deliver intelligent automation, leading to exceptional improvements in airspace capacity. As ATC solutions become increasingly integrated, the prime challenge is to consolidate multi-source data into meaningful information. SkySever delivers on this front, built with highly precise flow management applications, tools that reduce repetitive tasks and options that ensure information is effectively shared between air traffic control staff through reliable, silent and real-time technologies.


SkyManager has been designed with firsthand input from Air Traffic Controllers and SITA. The highly intuitive platform helps organisations assess their present and future ATC requirements. Separated into four different modules, SkyManagers caters for day to day Air Traffic Control Operators tasks; management of flight data processing; communications coordination; air traffic recording, replay and simulation.

Air Traffic Recording Systems

SkySoft-ATM's air traffic recording system - SkyRec - is essential for Air Navigation Service Providers to capture ATM operations for technical investigation, training, post incident analysis and Legal Recording.

SkyRec BlackBox

This application enables ATC staff to record and replay multimedia information at the glass. Exceptionally well designed, it is able to capture high resolution screens, in addition to keyboard inputs, mouse movements and audio channels. Like SkyVisual, the software uses a user-friendly HMI that helps controllers locate recorded data in a matter of seconds.

SkyRec Software Edition

Go beyond standard ATC data recording with SkyRec Software Edition. The application records all your Radar Data streams and replays them seamlessly through a regular HMI - no need for a costly upgrade! The software's video capture module records exactly what air traffic control staff see on their screen, as well as commands issued through input devices.

Radar Training System

The next generation of Air Traffic Control Operators need hands-on training tools to put theory to practice in a realist setting. SkyRadar is a radar training system for outdoors and indoors use, and is the only commercially available radar training platform inspired by FMCW and monopulse technology. SkyRadar has been developed in collaboration with key players in the ATM, homeland security and military sectors.

The objective of SkyRadar is to help students gain experience in SSR and PSR radar platforms; help articulate the workings of communications and radar-based antenna technologies; and improve safety standards in the Air Traffic Control industry. SkyRadar has been developed by a wide range of ATC experts and is continuously reviewed and updated. It is the only training radar of its kind to use transversal electromagnetic waves within bands i/j, x, s and lless


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