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SJH Projects specialises in blast protection, explosives testing and explosives transport. This is achieved through consultancy, testing and a range of practical products and solutions. Market sectors covered include protection against landmines and IEDs, counter terrorism and the explosives storage and transportation.

SJH Projects has also helped customers develop and test their own products using the latest standards. Working with other specialists companies and agencies, SJH Projects provides a complete solution from concept to proven hardware.more

Many of the projects undertaken by SJH Projects are of a confidential nature and so do not appear in the company’s literature or website.

Explosives Storage and Explosives

Transport Explosives storage and explosives transport is heavily regulated and adds significantly to the logistical effort and overhead costs of an organisation. Of the various explosive types that come under such regulations, detonators pose particular problems. Their sensitivity has placed them at the top of the UN Hazard Classification table.

The Detsafe range of units use the XPT material and are designed to make the explosives storage and explosives transportation safer and more flexible, achieving a UN Hazard Classification of 1.4S. With flexibility in the configuration the Detsafe range can be tailored to meet the needs of the industry.

Bespoke solutions using the XPT material have also been produced for a range of other explosive storage and explosive transportation applications.

Vehicle Armour

XPT has established itself in the field of vehicle armour. Its ability to absorb blast has seen it used in conjunction with ballistic materials on the underside of vehicles to counter the effects of landmines. The Minesafe system, employing XPT, can be used with both civil and military vehicles and soft and armoured types.

Each vehicle model presents its own challenges and the flexibility of the XPT Minesafe vehicle armour technology can be employed to meet them. Battlefield proven, the Minesafe system is a key part of the overall protection package required to ensure survivability in today’s conflicts.

Improvised Explosives Devices

Improvised Explosive Devices come in many forms. The mailsafe range from SJH Projects is designed to contain the postal IED. Postal IEDs or ‘letterbombs’ are used worldwide to target specific individuals and organisations. They can cause injury, damage and disruption, often targeting the business continuity of the victim.

The Mailsafe units come in two main models, the top opening and front opening. They are most commonly used in conjunction X-Ray screening equipment. Specific variants have been produced with internal shelves and security locks for explosive storage applications. The XPT material can also be used as wall cladding to counter the effect of a wider range of Improvised Explosive Devices as well the inherent threat from hazardous industrial processes.

Bomb Threat Training

Organisations have an obligation to their employees to provide adequate bomb threat training to deal with the threats to which they may be exposed. Experience has shown that many organisations are at risk from bomb threats. This may be because of their location, perhaps close to an obvious target, or maybe because the activity of the company is at odds with activists or aggrieved individuals.

Effective IOSH-approved bomb threat training, supplied in conjunction with corporate partners, provides an organisation with tools to manage these situations in line with best practice and a proper understanding of the threats and possible consequences.

Explosives Testing

The explosives testing experience gained by SJH Projects though extensive blast testing of a wide range of products is available to assist those who are new to this field.

Starting with a consultation on the requirements and the needs of the explosives testing market sector, the trial is planned using the appropriate standards and liaison is carried out with suitable test facilities.

The test process can be managed from concept to final report and with provision if instrumented data, high-speed video and a detailed photographic record. In recent times SJH Projects has developed an in depth practical understanding of AEP55 Vol 2 – that is the NATO document for landmine testing of vehicles.

The team put together by SJH Projects can deliver the instrumented Hybrid III ‘crash test dummies’ and the full control over the detailed aspects laid down in this extensive document.less


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