Voice Communications Switching System, VOIP for Airport Communications


SITTI is a dedicated supplier of integrated communications technology for applications in control rooms and ATC (Air Traffic Control). The company specialise in Voice Communication Switching Systems and related technology.

SITTI offer in house research and design services creating turnkey solutions for clients in control room management, civilian and military air traffic control and the emergency services. SITTI can supply tailor-made solutions for integrated, configurable and secure communications.more

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Voice Communications Switching System

SITTI's digital M800IP® MULTIFONO® voice communications switching system (VCSS) is a modular solution for interfacing between radio and telephone communications systems. The system has been optimised for a wide range of applications and operating environments. It fully complies to EUROCAE ED137 VOIP standard.

MULTIFONO® features an adaptable, scalable, fault-tolerant design with straightforward maintenance requirements. The equipment is highly effective in meeting the functionality, reliability and technical specifications required for strategic civilian and military applications.

The system features an extendable open architecture enabling the installation of additional interface cards to facilitate extra operator workstations, links and services without loss of efficiency. The adaptable, modular solution can be used everywhere from small-scale control rooms to larger installations with hundreds of links and consoles.

Airport Communications - M800IP®

Airport Communications: VOIP Gateways

SITTI GVS VoIP Gateways enable the connection of multiple communications systems using EUROCAE ED137 Voice over IP technology. This allows them to be accessed from a number of voice communications switching systems, enabling resource sharing to improve both performance and reliability in critical airport and ATC network communications.

SITTI's M800IP® MULTIFONO® Voice Communication System enables VOIP enabled radios to be interfaced directly to the M800IP® system, while GVS gateways enable older radios to interface with the system. GVS gateways support interactions between older, legacy protocols and EUROCAE ED137 standard VOIP.

As with the VCSS system, GVS devices are modular in design, allowing them to interface with installations of all sizes. The systems can also identify alternative radio systems with similar characteristics, for use in the event of equipment failure. GVS systems are compatible with other interface hardware, enabling radio and telephone systems to be linked with other digital networks such as QSIG, E1 and ISDN with no loss of performance.

Air Traffic Control ConsolesControl Console HL

Air Traffic Control Consoles

SITTI are experienced suppliers of voice communications systems for civil, public, private and military applications, with specialist knowledge of requirements for strategic emergency communications and air traffic control. SITTI design and deliver a range of air traffic control consoles for applications ranging from extensive ATC centres to control towers and emergency Operative Rooms.

SITTI have defined three main types of operational room and air traffic control console. These are:

  • HL consoles with adjustable height, ergonomic, modular design acting as multifunctional terminals, for a range of communications systems
  • PCF consoles feature a flexible, modular design to accommodate flat monitors, radar screens, and other ATC equipment.
  • PK series consoles accommodate standard 19" equipment and flat screen monitors together with non flat-screen monitors up to 24". These consoles are designed for easy dismounting / remounting, to simplify installation in confined ATC towers.


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  • Roberto Weger

    SITTI Voice Communication Systems Contact Expert

    Roberto has long experience in development of complex SW management systems in Air Traffic Control field. He actively contributed to the definition of EUROCAE ED137 standard for use of VOIP in ATM/ATC and participated in many VOIP interoperability tests.

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