SinePower SINE33I Ground Power Units

SinePower Lda

SinePower offer the SINE33I ground power unit available in mobile or stationary formats with 400Hz 30, 45, 60 or 90 kVA power supplies.

SINE33I Ground Power Units

As an established supplier to the airport industry, SinePower have developed and manufactured specialist ground power units for clients around the world, particularly in the military sector, for clients such as the Royal Air Force and the Força Aerea Portuguesa.

SinePower have used their specialist industry experience to develop slid state mobile and stationary ground power units, which are now available for clients in civil aviation. SinePower's SINE 33I ground power units are an essential item of airport ground support equipment to ensure efficient, safe and clean power supplies for all aircraft during ramp or hangar-based maintenance.

Sinepower Ground Power Units are available with power outputs between 30 and 90 KVA and specialist configurations including:

  • 28-Volt DC (600A continuous, 2400A peak) output
  • Dual Output
  • No Break Transfer
  • Lost Neutral Protection
  • Remote Operation system

The SINE33I ground power unit features Power Factor Correction to ensure a smooth sinusoidal input current with load between 25 and 150 percent with a low total harmonic distortion of under three percent. Sinepower ground power units help to guarantee secure, efficient, high quality power supplies. The ground power units are built for extreme sturdiness, for operation in challenging, altitudes, humidities and temperature conditions.

  • Sine wave output double conversion
  • Sinusoidal input with low total harmonic distortion
  • High frequency insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT)
  • Web / Simple Network Management Protocol monitoring
  • Inverter Transformer for galvanic isolation
  • 4 quadrant operation
  • Power factor correction
  • Low noise, high efficiency supply
  • Sturdy design for use as an aeronautical power supply
  • Remote voltage feedback / load current for cable drop compensation
  • IP54-rated casings
  • CE marked
  • Easy maintenance with front and back access
  • Microprocessor-controlled monitoring and display
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