SINE33I Electronic Voltage Regulators

SinePower Lda

Sinepower's Electronic Voltage Regulator provides an effective power regulation solution for unstable and saturated power supplies, which may be subject to fluctuating voltage.

Electronic Voltage Regulators

Electronic Voltage Regulators

EVR systems are highly effective in ensuring stable voltage and power supply to sensitive loads, with a maximum voltage fluctuation of ±5 percent. SinePower Electronic Voltage Regulators provide a combined solution for voltage stabilisation and conditioning.

Sinepower's SINE33I EVR systems offer a high level of efficiency, reacting rapidly to voltage fluctuations with a response time of under 10 milliseconds (or half a cycle) for a perfectly sinusoidal output wave regulated independently by phase and handling high current / high inrush events.

Sinepower have supplied electronic voltage regulators for installations across the globe, protecting equipment and maintaining continuous operation.  SINE33 EVR systems can be used in a range of  other applications involving sensitive loads, including laser cutting systems where a small fluctuation in voltage of ±5 percent can be sufficient to stop the machine.  Sinepower EVRs range from power ratings of 50KVA to 1000KVA (for +10%-20% regulation).

Sinepower electric voltage regulators ensure a continuous output voltage with a rapid response time and a high level of efficiency, whilst requiring very little maintenance.


The SINE 33I EVR system features:

• Low noise, high efficiency design
• High Frequency Isolated-gate bipolar transistor Technology
• Front Access enables easy maintenance
• Microprocessor controlled display and monitoring
• Double Conversion
• Sturdy Build for industrial use
• +10% -10%; +15% -20%; +15%-30% regulation Range
• CE Marked

Optional Features

• Web and SNMP Monitoring
• Stainless steel enclosure
• ip54 rated enclosure

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