Ground Power Unit (GPU) Systems, Frequency Converters

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SINEPOWER established in 2003, by partners with 20 years of experience in Power Electronics is a specialist in the design and manufacture of Ground Power Units (GPU’s), Static Frequency converters (SFC’s), DC Chargers for electrical vehicles, Inverters and other power electronic products.

The company has more than 20 years of industry experience with a strong focus on quality and reliability. SinePower delivers reliable power solutions for a diverse range of applications:more

Ground Power Unit (GPU) Systems


SinePower´s Ground Power Unit (GPU) Systems (SINE33 GPU) are the most recent addition to SinePower's Standard Units.

Over the years we have designed and manufactured ground power units for specific end user clients, manly for military purposes - Força Aerea Portuguesa, Royal Air Force etc. This was the starting point for the design of our solid state, stationary and mobile GPUs, which we now commercialize for the civil aviation market. Our GPU's are a mandatory equipment to guarantee a safe, efficient and high quality power supply to all aircrafts in hangar and/or ramp aircraft maintenance.

Our GPUs range from 30 KVA up to 90 KVA units and we offer a wide range of options for various outputs.

Static Frequency Converters

SINE33 SFC - Static Frequency Converter 60Hz, 50Hz - 10-400KW

Sinepower's Static Frequency Converter units (SINE33I-SFC) ensure high quality, clean, efficient and secure electrical power supplies by converting the grid electricity to the appropriate load frequency. Our converters guarantee a sinusoidal voltage wave form with low THD (<3%) to supply the output load.

Sinepower SFCs have been designed for shore to ship and ship to shore applications and can be found in various locations for civil and military purposes.

High Current Rectifiers

SINE33 DC - High Current Rectifier 28VDC 300A - 600A - 800A

Sinepower's latest high current rectifier product can be used in conjunction with GPUs and SFC or by itself. It consists of a robust AC-DC/DC-DC converter using IGBT and FET technology and High Frequency Isolation Transformers to provide a reliable 28VDC supply and crank current for the aircraft. It can withstand inrush currents of up to 2400A.

The high frequency technology allows reduced size and perfect regulation.

Electronic Voltage Regulators

SINE33 EVR - Electronic Voltage Regulator / 50--1000KVA

Sinepower's Electronic Voltage Regulators offer the best solution for saturated and highly unstable power supplies where fluctuations in the voltage are more than frequent. Voltage stabilizers play a very important role in guaranteeing stable voltage to sensitive loads (±5% voltage fluctuation). Sinepower's EVR's are a 2 in 1 solution for voltage stabilization and conditioning. SINE33I EVR units have high efficiency, instant response time (lower than half a cycle -10ms), perfect output sinusoidal wave shape, independent regulation by phase and a high inrush and high current capability.

We have various EVR units installed worldwide for industrial applications where equipment protection is an important aspect.

ISO 9001 : 2008 Certification

ISO 9001 : 2008 Certification

SinePower underwent an extensive evaluation process, including document reviews. process mapping and quality management as well as internal and external audits to achieve their ISO 9001 : 2008 certification - the worldwide standard for quality management systems and practices.less


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