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Simulation are a market-leader in the provision of fire training simulators for the rescue services. With six years experience of designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining fire training simulators, Simulation are an acknowledged leading provider of live fire Training and Equipment for the Rescue Services.

Fire Training

As a provider of completely bespoke training rigs, Simulation are able to provide live-fire training facilities to numerous sectors, in a number of capacities. Simulation have designed, manufactured, installed and maintained training rigs for Military, Local Authority and Industrial use, for Civil Airports, and also have the ability to provide solutions for Anti-Terrorism training.

It is with great pride that Simulation can state that its own personnel have carried out all of the major elements of design, manufacture and installation. This policy is integral to the provision of the end user with a product that is of the very highest and consistent quality. It is this dedicated approach at every stage of the process that enables Simulation to commission hot fire training facilities that help institutions meet current legislation, and ultimately, save lives.

Because of the bespoke nature of our training rigs, any size or type of facility can be catered for – from a Boeing 747 to a Light Aircraft, a complete Fire House to a Fire Attack Unit, or a Ships compartment through to a whole ships deck on many levels. The common denominator is our state of the art technology, that ensures training safety and ease of operation. Virtually any crisis situation can be replicated by Simulation’s training rigs, numerous fire scenarios being controlled and monitored remotely.

Our ability to apply gas or fuel driven technology to create the type and size of fire needed specifically by each client has seen our expertise diversify from Civil Aircraft through to meeting demand in a number of different sectors:

Aircraft Fire TrainingCivil Aircraft

These simulators are provided to our Clients to enable them to satisfy the Civil Aviation regulatory body that they have achieved the requirements set out in CAP 699:

All RFF personnel shall be properly trained to perform their duties in an effective and efficient manner and shall participate in live fire drills commensurate with the types of aircraft and types of RFF equipment in the use at the aerodrome, including pressure-fed fuel fires. Training facilities shall be commensurate with the type and size of aircraft in use at the aerodrome.”

We have successfully commissioned aircraft simulators both in the UK and abroad. These simulators cover a range of aircraft and combinations of aircraft. They are fuelled either by LPG or Kerosene or alternatively some of them are dual fuelled systems.


We have provided numerous fire-training simulators for the Ministry of Defence. This includes the design and build of a Multi-purpose Military Aircraft Simulator for the MoD Fire Service Central Training Establishment (FSCTE) at Manston, Kent. The unit is believed to be the largest Hot Fire Aircraft Training Simulators within the MoD. The main fuselage is based on that of a wide-bodied civil aircraft, but other areas of the simulator incorporate features of a Tornado jet fighter, Sea King helicopter and Hercules transport aircraft.


Simulation was chosen as a preferred supplier to the £60 million project in Cork, Ireland to build the premier naval training facility in the world. The National Maritime Training Centre will provide the most comprehensive training in the world to over 800 students per year. The Centre is due to open in October 2004, but is already drawing delegates from all over the world to view the comprehensiveness and quality of the site. To that end, Simulation has provided what will prove to be one of the most innovative and realistic ships simulators available for Naval Training.

Industrial Fire TrainingIndustrial

We have successfully commissioned many LPG fired petrochemical simulators. Pictured is our live fire simulator for Lancashire Fire and Rescue’s International Training Centre at Washington Hall, UK. The unit comprises of six unique fire scenarios on three levels and as with all of our builds, a water drenching system is incorporated to help protect the structure and therefore the longevity of the simulator.

Simulation offers a truly consultative service. With you at every step from conception to commissioning, we offer advice in such areas as drawing up specifications in the early stages, to a comprehensive training session for the Fire-fighters when the rig is commissioned.

Our approach is to listen to the customers needs to create bespoke rigs that meet the requirements of our end user. Input is encouraged from all levels in the design as we strive to create the perfect rig, first time. We also make available to our Clients a number of other services, including modular builds to spread costs, as well as two mobile fire-training solutions – The Transportable Aircraft Fire Training Simulator and The Mobile Fire Truck (Pictured Below).

Fire Training Simulators

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